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Aug. 30, 2021

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.79 Ebay .vs PWCC

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.79 Ebay .vs PWCC

Ebay made the bold move of kicking PWCC off it's platform with the accusations of schill bidding, sound familiar? Yeah not the first time those two words and PWCC have been allegedly linked together. We dissect the timing, the repercussions, effects...

Ebay made the bold move of kicking PWCC off it's platform with the accusations of schill bidding, sound familiar? Yeah not the first time those two words and PWCC have been allegedly linked together. We dissect the timing, the repercussions, effects and my thoughts on the where there is smoke there is fire theory.

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All right, before we start this episode of Havoc wickets. Let's hear from our sponsors who make this show possible Mojo break. Hey folks. Wanted to tell you about the best place to get some of your Shields sports card, wax products, great selection, and some of the lowest prices on the web, Mojo brake shop.com is that place? Whether it's a box or a whole case? There's your guys and they ship around the world right to your door. The Mojo brake name is one of the most trusted in the housing from sports cars to Pokemon. Their selection can't be beat. They offer daily deals. 

And three orders who won first place at this year's top strip party, none other than Mojo brake their prices are already great. But here's a way to save even more money, use the code quick hits. That's q u IC. Ke H iits for 10% of anything on Mojo brake, shop.com. They also have a full service carpet shop in Santa Clara, California. So if you're in the area, stop by there, open seven days a week, so check them out. Mojo brake, shop.com. All right, plan to be back here on our normal Monday. Time slot or day. I should say, last week. We released the day early. Well, some kind of big news happen. Matter of fact, this episode you're hearing right now was supposed to be released last Monday. And then some news happened with fnatic stops, Major League Baseball. 

Players Association and it went to basketball and soon-to-be football. And so I put out that episode just a timing of it and had to go first and so this got bumped a week, but I'm not going to ignore it and it's something you know, someone who tries to do things above board, do things the right way. Be fair and honest with people even if that's telling the truth when the Truth is not always good or great or nice. I believe in that. And so I have to address it. It's a big story in its own, right, and obviously got bumped because of the tops Fanatics Blockbuster probably much to the excitement of one of the, you know, plaintiffs, if you will, in this manner. And that's PWC see going to scripted any better kind of 

Took a little bit of the heat off of them. And, you know, we had the whole PWC see auction platform fault high-end seller. If you will, and eBay and eBay making the decision to boot them off the site and citing show bidding as the reason. Now, before we get into all the details and what's been alleged and all I want to, I want to be very transparent. This is not the first time he wcc's been accused of what they're being accused here in 2021. We may remember if you were in a be back before the 2019 National the same thing happened. Then there were some emails and texts. I went on this very show back. Then we were definitely a younger show and I went on that show and I basically said, Said, allegedly. 

This is true. There should be fines repercussions. Maybe even a rest, you know, penalties and we got to clean that up and a person from that organization. Contacted me wanted to come on the show and basically categorically deny everything that I said was being alleged and I said, I believe in equal Time. Come on. - oh, I'll give you all the time you want, you know, we can go for hours with you talking for three. They said, they think about it, the next day. I was sort of posed sort of a list of questions. They wanted to be asked if you know anything about me, folks, especially now, with more experience more chops, under my belt. I don't 

Operate under those terms if you if I say something on the show and it's a you know, a legend and you want to you want equal time to come on and defend yourself or what's being accused. I believe in that if someone went on and said something about me and it's not true. I want to be able to go on the show or podcast or whatever and be asked any question and also defend myself. So when those questions 

List of questions that I can ask was given to me. I said, no, you know, I don't no one writes. The script for the show. I asked question. If you are innocent, right? You should be able to answer any questions, right? If I'm innocent ask me anything. I can explain why. It's not the case or how its untrue. So needless to say that interview did not take place. So let's go to current times. Here it is. Is again rears its ugly head. However, let's go before the story broke Woody base decision. That very morning, and this is again before the story broke very transparent here, many of these places and and impeded the wnp wcc's defense. Many of these big businesses corporations. Now, employed publicist, right people who kind of handle all their bookings reach out to shows I've dealt more 

Publicist in the last year on this show than ever before. And, and most of them are wonderful, people, very polite unassuming, just doing their job, and nothing wrong with it. These are big companies that don't have time to do all this stuff. And so they delegate it to a publicist and it doesn't mean anything either way, good or bad, some use them a lot more, do some, don't whatever it sets the company's decision. So, On the morning. Before the latest story, broke PWC. Sees publicist reached out to me. I won't name them. It doesn't matter. And I know they reached out to a lot of shows. It's not just my show and wanting to come out and talk about some exciting things that were happening at PWC. See, I get it. I want to promote most people come on Show's, went to promote nothing wrong with that. That's, that's the nature of the Beast comes with the territory. And I would love to 

Have them. And my return answer was. Hey, love to have a mind. Bought one or two questions are going to be, has to be Hast about prior alleged and Discretions. They came back and said, we have nothing to say on that front and that and I said, well, if you know, the whole interview was obviously not going to be about that anymore. If you've listened to the show at any length, you know, I talk about everything, you know, for example, I had Beckett's Jeremy Marie on a very transparent individual, I asked them some tough things that listeners would want to know answers for, and he was very upfront. And answer the whole interview was at that. We talked about great things there plans for the national their new product lines. Things coming up to Turnpike, and was a very good conversation, and I can tell you in, meaning Jeremy at the national and talking to him after off the air. Even 

Instead airing. We have a good relationship and he gave me. Many compliments that were very nice in relative to other pipe other interviews he's done. And so I try to be very fair, but I do have to ask questions that people want to know answers for, that's part of a talk show a podcast. And so I, you know, my last email to them was hey, if you don't mind, answering one, if you change your mind and answer one or two questions pertaining to 2019. Allegations will talk about everything. Come on. Love to have someone on the show and I got not at this time. Okay, and that's their right, doesn't make them bad. Right? And but again, I'm not going to script. I'm not gonna have someone else crib. Man. In fact, I don't even spent much of my show. Many of the questions you here are just conversation off-the-cuff. Based on maybe writing one, two, three questions down and then playing off of those. That's that's that's 

Hundred percent true. That's generally how I do any interviews or conversations ahead. And so no response to my last offer, you know, to ask one or two of those questions and literally three hours later that eBay story broke talk about timing and, you know, didn't hide any email them back and say, hey, want to come and you know, I'm not rub salt in the wound. What good is that do? It's pretty pretty middle schools. I don't have to do that. But what I do have to do was talk about Hobby events and current events. Well, I'd be opinionated sure. Will I be fair? Yes, I will. And so that story broke and if you read the eBay statement, one thing I kind of went on social media and I said, you know, to make that decision and accuse a company of doing that or and or its associates, you most, you must have evidence because if you don't 

Libel and slander laws and defamation of character. You got to be careful what you make known to the world and say about an organization or a company. And that was very strongly worded and I got to imagine, I don't know for sure, but I got imagine somebody based lawyers proof read that. Maybe that wasn't even the first draft. Maybe they agreed. Did it a few times until a lawyer. Finally gave it two. Thumbs up to be released again. All Activation. I don't know, but I do work in the corporate world. And I do know how certain things like this do work, do work in general. And so, I got to think if they're going to come out with a statement like that. There's got to be some proof in their pudding. Again, track record, right, track record. I think speaks volumes right where human right. People make a mistake, but when you start being accused of making similar mistakes, it might be. 

Who you are as a company who you are as an individual? Okay, I'll just leave it at that and we've heard some other things. Now the timing of it in PWC sees defense and again, I'm trying to be fully transparent and fair here in PWC sees defense. The timing of this is striking to because PWC see was about to launch their own platform. ERM if you want to call Direct competition with eBay, I don't really see it. That way. I think eBay is the industry leader in auction sales. In the hobby. Most eyes are going to be on eBay than any other platform. Any other platform. Golden PWC. See Heritage what have you? They're the world's Marketplace in auctions whether you do business with eBay, you like what they do? Heck, I've been critical in some of their policies. 

Stupid. You can't take away the title that they've earned and they've earned it over the course of many years. So, you know, I read things this hurts eBay more than PWC. See, now, I think both parties are going to lose, but I think eBay can afford to lose more than PWC. See, I know they just had an auction. That was very successful kudos to them. They're not going away. I listened what 

11:25 PM
Happy. I was at that National that was actually my first national that debt their setup was it was oddly, it was Eerie because there was a it was almost like they had like a do not go near em, like they're their Booth was was very not attendant. I guess in wrong English to say there was very few people there around. I remember someone posted a picture with like the staff just kind of sitting there with You know, I was looks on their face. It was, if a picture could tell you, no picture can tell thousand words that that was it. I remember even coming on the show like man, they're going to have a hard time surviving this based on what I saw to Nashville. Hey, I was wrong, they are not surviving, they were thriving. Now this happens. They're not going away. They're not going out of business. I'm not going to say that again because there's they have a stronger presence. Now even after, 

Then they ever did, they're going to still do very well as evidenced by this past weekend's auction. But you know, we all have choices as consumers, right? We read reviews. Right? Consumer Reports Amazon reviews know we're looking at a product to buy whether it be a vacuum cleaner or a pool filter, whatever right? We reviews we read what other people are saying about the company for The individual product. And you know, those were views I'm reading those emails and texts that I have seen regardless what you want to argue their legitimate fake, whatever. They're just so much evidence. They happen to be someone I do business with. Now that's also a different level. It's I'm very high-end. I might not be doing business with them, full disclosure anyway, but if I was in that space more, 

They would not be someone. I and I'm only speaking for myself here folks, I would do business with, you know, the timing of eBay's announcement. Sure it's odd. But again, we don't know all the details behind the scenes. Here's the, let's play devil's advocate here. Right? Who's the say, it didn't happen before that and eBay, just quietly behind the scenes? Just warned PWC. See, hey, we know you're doing this. There's your warning knock it off, if it happens again. 

You know, we're booting you from our platform and then maybe whatever time period it happened again and eBay said, see well, we told you, he did it again, you're done. Right? We don't know all those details, those were not in the statement. So there's more wrinkles to the story. Obviously, both companies that at the end of the day, eBay PWC see, they're both going to survive and thrive in their own, right? But again, it comes down to as a consumer. 

I have choices to make, you know, based on things. I believe, right. We're entitled to our opinions or beliefs. I have those. You have those and we, you know, we have reactions to those in and we make decisions based on those feelings. And and I do and I will I don't like everything eBay does. It's probably why I don't have everything. I have honey, baby use other platforms as well for certain other things. So I very little grated cards now on eBay. I use my slips again in the in the act of full transparency. I like to be very transparent and honestly, I do that right. So, you know, it's just it's just another one of those stories that, you know, sort of a black guy on the hobby. Now for every one of these stories folks. There's a hundred good ones. We all know that this hobby is a wonderful. 

Fun experience or at least it should be for you and you know, the story is not going to derail my fun or my hobby. But you know is three or four years now and to content creation. I don't want to say I have to talk about it and I don't have to talk about it. No got into my head, but I don't believe in Gatekeepers either. I don't think it's one any one person. I think collectively as a hobby. If you do the right things and do things above board and Eight and teach and learn. That's it. A being a gatekeeper, an ambassador and advocate of the hobby, but I had to talk about it. It's a huge story, like it or not. The timing of the tops Fanatics thing kind of pushed it to the sideline and push this back a week. Even on this very program. You know, someone asked me who needs who more if again, both companies are going to survive and thrive but PWC see would need eBay more. Than eBay would need PWC. See, I think there'll be someone that steps right into that role that PWC see had just waiting chomping at the bit to fill that void and believe me. They will be somebody else to do that. Someone to ask me. John could this be the start of the downfall of the hobby? These kind of negative trust stories. Now, I think the Hobbies way too strong for one or two or even three of these 

Is to, you know, be the downfall remember, especially with this PWC. See case. These are really really expensive, high-end cards that you know, 90% of us. Don't really partake in for the most part at least on a regular basis if you will. And so, for most hobbyists, this is just okay type of deal, but I've been in this hobby, long time, you know, I feel the urgency to Gus it on the show. If anyone from full disclosure, if anyone from PWC, see or frankly, even eBay is listening and doesn't agree with any of my sussman's or takes and you want equal time, I believe in equal time, but I also believe in being able to ask any questions. If you've if I'm giving you equal time, I should be able to ask questions in a respectful and tactful way. Not rude, not going to make it personal. Not going to name call you. I'm going to 

Ask you. Hey, this has been reported. What say you what about this email? What about this tax? How did that happen? Respectful, non-confrontational direct questions. And if you're innocent, you should be able to answer them and I'll give you. I don't care if that person comes out and wants to take two hours and take two hours, answer them. If I got to do two part show or three parts show or just make one big long show, so So be it, I believe in equal time. If someone says something about me, I want to be able to end. It's not true. I like to be able to defend myself. I believe in that. I was raised that way. So the PWC see to eBay or anyone else for that matter. If you feel, I've said something that you now agree with or I'm dead wrong on. And you want to come on, either this show sports card Nation hobby hotline, breaking cardboard, whatever. 

Platform yet, you'll want to have your say and your due diligence. Please reach out to me. My text is all over the place. Here's my personal phone. Number. 315, 4910 239. You can text me. You can call me. We can set it up and very fair and, you know, and I pride myself on that. That's a good point to wrap up. Today's show. I'll just say this. A lot of great places out there. Organizations businesses, new your due diligence. Be careful and enjoy the hobby. We'll see you. Friday at sports Carnation and we'll see you a week from now on another hobby quickest. Thanks, everyone. Take care. All right. Thank you for listening to another episode of hobby quick. It's want to give out our social media starting with our website, which is 

Sports Carnation, podcast.com Facebook, you can follow us that www.facebook.com forward, slash fourth Carnation podcast forward slash Twitter. We are at sports card Nat T1. So it's sports card and ATI one instagram ads, fourth card Nation Podcast, or you can email the show how the quick hits at. Gmail.com. Again, thanks for listening. We'll see you next week. Leave the gun, take the cannoli.