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May 10, 2022

Hobby Travel..A new adventure

Hobby Travel..A new adventure

We all have people we know who don't like to travel too far, for work, for fun...it's not their thing, maybe it's a fear of flying or even something else. I don't fall into that classification. The once shy, scared to fly kid has grown up and frankly I love to travel, whether it be for work, vacation or hobby travel. I love meeting new folks, the great conversations that come along with that. I love seeing cities I've never been to, tasting the local fare(I have the belly to prove that) or catching a sporting event or concert. I love traveling solo and yes I love traveling with my family too. However there is one thing I'm not a fan of...trying to catch up on the things that didn't get done at home while I was gone, shipping, content, cleaning, paperwork,etc.

My new job in the teaching profession has afforded me opportunities frankly I didn't have before, summers off if I so choose, and if I take a two or three day weekend trip I'm not coming back to work and busting butt trying to play catchup all week and being out of fumes in the process. However a new adversary has entered the arena and it's name is record high inflation which has brought it's two good friends with it...high gas prices and airfare almost twice as much as last year. I tend to think of others while also thinking about myself, how are people who travel more than me doing it, are they consolidating their travel schedule? 

Let's just talk about this in how it relates to the hobby only, as we get closer to the National, I'm fortunate we rented a beach house and Atlantic City is drivable for us, but what about those flying or who didn't make reservations earlier, Some folks have told me they are "taking a year off from the NSCC", that stinks. A fellow content creator I know who travels a lot for shows has stated the current state of affairs has resulted in cutting his travel schedule down. It's understandable and I get it.

A goal I sort of set for myself relating to "Hobby Travel" is 3 trips per year, 1 being the week long National which they scheduled just for me in the Summer when school is out, was always a concern trying to get that week off at my previous employer and definitely was given a guilt trip while it was being approved, I won't miss that. Another trip I want to make yearly is a long weekend to Dallas for the Dallas Card show. Not just for the cards but the many close friends I've made that live in the area, the third trip I leave open as a "wildcard" whether it's the Industry Summit or another show that peaks my interest it's an open slot.

However the current state has made me think one to two may be the more rational goal with a higher price tag to boot. Recently I tried to book airfare to that "Annual" Dallas jaunt and the sticker shock caused me to close my laptop like a tripped bear trap. Only when my good friend John Keating came through in the clutch with some expiring flyer miles did this trip get green lighted again. I'm sincerely thankful JK!

If things don't change I will have to temper expectations and be satisfied with less excursions, I can do so but I hope I won't be faced with that scenario.

How has current events altered your travel mindset?