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Nov. 11, 2022

Ep.205 w/ Tim Shepler/ Big Shep of True Sportscards

Ep.205 w/ Tim Shepler/ Big Shep of True Sportscards

Tim Shepler is back and a lot has changed since he was last on, he's thinner, healthier and he left a stressful job to be general manager of upstart LCS True Sportscards, we talk about that , what it takes to run a successful LCS, the future with...

Tim Shepler is back and a lot has changed since he was last on, he's thinner, healthier and he left a stressful job to be general manager of upstart LCS True Sportscards, we talk about that , what it takes to run a successful LCS, the future with Fanatics and a huge Sacramento show they are putting on next week.

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6:25 PM
What is up? Everybody Episode 205 happy to be on the air was a little nervous. I had a little scare Wednesday night, I had to go to the emergency room. Everything looks to be okay, was not really sure that it was okay. Had have to get checked out have an ultrasound and an X-ray done, but those were were - thank God. And so the show must go on and I say that all the time, but it's true. So here we are enough about enough about me. If you're listening to this on Show release date. I also want to start out by saying thank you to all our veterans past and current who men and women who have served this country to give us our freedoms that we enjoy each and every day 365. 85 24/7 including doing a podcast. As I do it's those freedoms that those men and women served served in the past and currently serve and a heartfelt. Thank you. I have family members that have served and currently serving. I'm sure many of you out there do as well. So my hats off to you folks, men and women across the globe home and abroad. And I know I'm taking some time here. But It's worthy of that when the show is being released on Veterans Day and, you know, Veterans Day is the day where we honor, those who served in the past. And currently served Memorial Day, just, you know, for I know, sometimes people get confused Memorial days where we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. So today we honor all those serving and retired service men and women. Thank you all out there. All right. Right, today's guest, Tim scheppers been on the show before, it's been a while he's back glad to have them back. A lot has changed since he was on last, he Center healthier less stress and left a full-time job to go full time in the hobbies and general manager of true Sports Cards. Doing a great job with a new card store in Sacramento where to talk about the difficulties, the joys some of the everyday business and goings on in be The general manager of an LCS in today's modern hobby, they're going to be doing a show, a literally a week for listening. This show release Friday, a week from today, they're going to be doing a big show in Sacramento, almost 20 autograph, guest going to be a great thing for that area and just a great thing in general. So I want to talk about that but if you're in the area, definitely get to that show. And it was nice catching up with Tim and seeing him doing well. Personally and professionally and you know, you root for people, you like least, I do, you know, I can only speak for myself. So glad that Tim is doing very well. So it was a pleasure catching up with him. I take your own Joy, the conversation. So with that being said, let's get to it. This is sports cars Nation. Time for a hobby is the people answer. 

This is Mike Summer from the wax pack hero sports card minute. Don't forget the hobby is the people. If you'd like to be the hobbyist of people announcer of the week to a wires or MP3 file and send it to sports, got Nation PC at gmail.com, like the athletes. We admire the sports card shop is changing the game. We're not launching three bombing drives or heating dingers, but we have built a unique Gathering. Touring spot for all collectors to trade cards, talk sports, play games and watch their favorite athletes on the big screens. Yes, we've partnered with panini Upper Deck, Leif Topps, Fanatics, Pokemon and others, to bring you all the latest in sealed wax and singles but the sports card shop in New Buffalo, Michigan is much much more. Our recent expansion, brings collectible sneakers, Hot Wheels and more sports and entertainment memorabilia into the mix. Our new Electors cave game room is the perfect place to throw over. It party, bring friends, rip packs, trade cards, played Billiards, ping-pong, shuffleboard, classic arcade, and Xbox games. All while watching your favorite sport on TV. Visit us at the sports card. Shop.com follow us on social at underscore sports card shop or better yet. Visit us in person to learn about special events, party packages, new products, and everything we're doing for you. The sports card shop. In people Sports. The hobby around the world. 

All right, excited to have my next guest, back on the sports Carnation podcast. It's been a little bit, but he's been out before were very familiar with each other, and a lot has changed since the last time. He's been on the show. We're definitely going to talk about all that. So I want to welcome back Big Chef. Tim Chef, we're welcome back. Hey John, thank you so much for having me on the a lots changed. I'm about 125 pounds less, but Big Show than I was back then, but it was big. It's great to be back on and talk to hobby. I love it. I don't know if I don't, you might have to change your nickname. I don't know when call you big shit but yeah, everybody was call me mediumship and not so big Chef anymore, but hey, you know, we've had you had a moniker for a while, you got to keep at least. I'm still taught it. I didn't, you know, I didn't get shorter. I just got less wide. No, not yet. I think I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer, but that will happen as yeah, I'm get. But again, Good to talk to you. Like you said, like we both said a lot has changed, you've done, you took the leak. I like to call it going full time in the hobby, talked about that, you know, you're a dad, your husband like myself talk about whether that was a difficult decision, maybe it was, I don't know. That's why I'm asking you, you don't have to necessarily name the company but kind of know what you were doing and in 

You know, making that decision how easy or or not easy, was it? Well, it was putting to the decision. Kind of is made for me. So February 2021. I was a, I was in the health insurance industry working for a general, General agency, long story short, the company had worked for we merged and became bigger and I got a new role about six months previous, and it was, it was all good. And then I got they said, hey, we have this new Spa we're making. For you and that's awesome. Let's do any was going to evolve over my talents? But long story short, I didn't have enough work and I kept bugging them and I get a message on the Thursday, it's like, hey, can you need it for 45 on a zoom? And I'm like, that's weird kind of knew it was coming. They say, Hey, listen, we're going to we're going to eliminate the position. You have a severance, you can file an employment and go on your way and just leave your stuff and thank you very much. I couldn't have been happier. John. I can't tell you losing a job and I didn't lie. 

I wasn't happy. I was spending about 40 percent, maybe 45 percent of my day, on doing the pot, working on the podcast, I was hosting in the time, working on my eBay store, Twitter, Twitter sales, all that stuff. So I was already doing the hobby almost as much as I was focusing on my real job just because of the free time and went home told the wife and I did that all the way through October of 21 and I was doing a show in August and it was one of our first shows back and I just got put in a difference. Spot at the local show in a guy across the way, heard me talking to hey, I know your voice. Do you do podcasts again? I do. And we went back and forth because I listened and he was am opening a shop here. At the end of the year. We started talking. I was like, we exchange information and I'm talking to my sister about it and she's like, well, my friends, my friends husband's opening a shop and ends up. It's the same guy. My wife was friends with her, my sister's friends with his wife, and we have connecting and opening the shop and November of 

We want re sports cards and collectibles at Rockland, and we've been doing almost a full year now, and I loved it. It was an easy transition. Something that was probably going to happen for me anyway, at some point in time. But somebody made the decision to say, Hey, listen, you're not going to be in the health insurance industry. I was thankful for that end up rolling in. I was selling cards on my own doing that for six, six months or whatever that was on my own doing very well looking to move forward with that and grow that even more. When opportunity came to open a shop. Shop and be part of that and be part of something more. So is kind of like those a mixed blessing? And I love those things because I think sometimes you're meant to meet people at certain times in your life for a certain reason and it came together. Yeah. How crazy is that man? That's like Serendipity. Yeah, I mean not just in one thing but but two things here yours. You know, set up across from this budding store entrepreneur and he recognizes your voice. I mean if 

In a different part of the show, maybe that Her say she never takes place and then your sister knows, you know, directly or indirectly knows about this. I mean, I don't know how, I don't know how big of a town you live in, but, but that's like, Serendipity, we had, I mean, Sacramento's, you know, million and a half two million people that the general area. So, yeah, I mean, it's and he just moved up from Stockton, which is about an hour away. So, we just kind of weird how everything fell into place right place, right time, type thing and, you know, I'm a big believer, like I said, In that and I think that it's really worked out well. So yeah, no doubt I had, you know, I didn't go full time in the hobby, but I was in the transportation industry, not going to lie, 1818. That and a lot of my friends who are teachers and I, coached High School football, baseball work with kids and other forms and factors. And they knew I really was not, you know, my job was getting to me and they're like, you ought to look into getting in the teacher, profession be a ta May you got to take a test hit so I had started to get lay that groundwork and my company of found out that I was kind of looking for an exit strategy and they they told me much like you, you know, you're no longer needed here. And that's actually what I was kind of dragging my feet a little bit. Tim I was doing it but not as quick but when that day came, I had no choice but letting it go. I better do it and I did I can speak. 

6:36 PM
That's my only regret. I wish I wasn't a little bit. Dragging my feet when I was and enjoying it. And I have you answered as. I mean, the less stress for me, the hours are better, my kids and my kid is 22. So I don't have any young kids. I know you do kind of talk about how its positively may be affected leaving like your family. Dynamic, yeah, I mean, I have two kids one's about to turn three and my oldest son. E5 and April. So what a little, but I'm old, so they keep me on my toes, which is great, but when this all happened to give me more time to spend with them to, you know, make dinner with them, to, to go to t-ball and just do the things that normally I would have missed or only a scene part up and running in since running, the shop, definitely is busy and takes up a lot of time. But I have a little bit more freedom and being in charge of my own life and that work-life balance has been 

Eat. So I can say that I got to a point in my life where I was like, listen, I'm tired of working, my hump off or somebody else and then making the decision on my future, no matter how good of an employer, how bad of an employee I was my future was never decided on that. It was always decided on financial thing or way about somebody felt and you know to be in a spot you know in my my early 40s to say, listen don't take a chance on myself and I know I'm going to do it if we fail. And I'm part of that failure then at least I know it was on me and it was on somebody else making mistakes and there's but I hard to leave. This is something that since I was a little kid, I was destined to be able to do and put everything in my heart, my soul into it, and make it work, right? And not every day is perfect. Not everything. We do is exactly the way we want it to be, but it's freed up me to be a better, dad to be more confident myself and just to kind of let my kids like listen, plenty of meat. 

No and bet on yourself. So, it's been the work-life balance things been a lot better than working at 925. I can tell you that. Yeah, help. No, doubt it I think what less stress, you know, which is a healthier way to live time to hear from one of our great sponsors, but Sports guard Nation will be right back after that. For nearly 50 years, sports collectors digest has been the voice of the hobby. Bringing you comprehensive coverage of the sports, collectible industry from industry news auction results, market analysis, and in-depth, stories, about collectors, and their collections. Sports collectors digest, has everything you need to know about the hobby. SCD is also your leading source for listings of sports collectible dealers, card shops card shows in the latest of the industry's top. 

To check out all the latest news or to subscribe to the Hobbies. Oldest magazine visit sports collectors digest.com or call one eight hundred eight to nine. 5561 let's go you are listening to the sports card Nation Podcast today says you know your you built that store like it was brand-new. So you're building it from day one to To where you're going and where you are now. You know, I own the store for six years, it was a great time. I own a store when the hobby was much. Different place 1992, 97. But, you know, everyone thinks any kind of you said that one of your responses, you know, everyone thinks it's easy or it's all fun and games and it is fun. I don't want to make it sound like, like you said, it's not that 925 necessarily, but But you got to work at it there. Dare, dare dare, you know, roadblocks. Even in that kind of talk about, you know, the difference between that but at its know, some of the difficulties and building a name for something in the store from. Yeah. Like, from from, from nothing to to where you going. Yeah, I can tell you a card fatigue is a real thing. And I've experienced in here, all the guys in the shop. Have I let my stuff go and just sit. 

My home office for about 4 months without even touching, I would add to it, but it would just get piled in and and I was very organized when we started the shop at my home office became like a tornado, hit it, but put carpet e. One's a real thing. There is a lot of stuff that I think two of you. If you talk to Breakers you see all the glitz and Glam of opening the cards at here, you're on the shop floor, you're going to talking, you know, Sports and you're getting to watch sports. You're going to watch people open packs, and you're doing trades and buying and selling all That's great fun. But behind the scenes stuff no one sees. It's trying to Source product and supplies. Supplies were terribly hard to get when we first opened last November? It's making sure that everything is pricey. Actually, we're staying competitive there. When you take in large collections, getting through that quickly and efficiently, but making sure that it's done in the right way. And nobody understands like dollar and three dollar cards and then how much after a while you're going through your what you're looking at mosaic retail color parallels. And you're like, is this hobby is as retail is This blue, is it and all that that happens. I think it really takes a toll so I don't see that stuff of it but it's all that hard work and stuff really pays off when you see the smiles and happiness out on the floor, when people are you know open impacts and doing us up but there's a lot of tedious Not So Glamorous or fun work that goes into doing this full time but the end of the day, the end result and it's better than pushing paperwork or responding to emails. 

You know that goes that were sitting in zooms where it's you know someone yammering on for 45 minutes that's 15 levels above you that you'll never ever get to see or know and they don't know who you are. You know, you see what your work goes into it, because it goes right out onto the floor and someone gets to go through it at joints day. That was the last part of what you said, will give me flashbacks myself. So that brings up very close to hope. We haven't talked about the store name. It's true sports car. Guards in memorabilia and kind of talk about what your role is there, what are for your kind of daily functions? What you're responsible for that, I think that gives people, you know, kind of an idea that it's not always, like you said, just rip and pack to the watch it and, you know, games on TV. Yeah, I know, definitely, I'm the general manager. You can start out that way. I was just going to be a full-timer. We had a different gentleman, it was the GM before, but realize that 

The Glitz and Glam stuff was his Forte and not so much the effort Stop. So within about I don't know ten days or so he decided that he was going to go to an on his own Venture and do his own thing. It was like a field promotion. So I was happy to take that role. I kind of do a little bit of everything more. Now, as we hit the year mark, we've added some guys in the team some more guys, the team. I'm kind of overseeing everything. So Wags acquisitions. Scheduling labor, we have an upcoming show that I've been putting a lot of my time and effort into, but it's kind of a, I have my hands a little bit and everything. And so it's nice because I kind of can move my day around with the expanded on. We have a web site, eBay store, we've been doing what not. So I did a we do what not Wednesdays and really like the shop owner emerald and I get down there get wild and loud. It gets old. It reminds us the old shop at home. Network things with Don West and I were yelling and screaming on 

And having a bunch of fun. We've got to put that on, hold here while we prepare for the show. There's so much going on but it's nice. I mean I cuz if I want to help customers and spend time doing, I can do that. If I have to go back and do gritty work in the back like sourcing stuff, I do that right in the schedule, making sure the guys are happy and you know working with the local community we're trying to really be a focal point focal point of the community and do things like that. So getting out and doing meet-and-greets, things like that so it's always been been crazy and also to this Not bad. When you get to go to dinner with jalapeno, athletes are doing signings and your store. So that's been, that's been a huge bonus as well. And talk to them. Like they're old family friend. Yeah. Definitely. You know, it's work and fun both and Dad met in. Are you knocking things over? Oh yeah. On West Beach towing. And I'm mispronouncing, like parallels, like when we're doing well really quick, like flash sales figures, like prisoners 45 50 colors of prison so I'm like, hey this is blue circles or it's shiny red? It's I do. 

What it's called because I'm trying to go so fast and put them up, my guys are losing their minds behind me, and it's red eyes. I'm like that. Shiny red and I'm just screaming and yelling, and it's a whole lot of fun. Yeah, you mentioned something earlier and I saw you, I remember when you posted the picture of your card room like when you said like stuff was just piling up and you said, hey, this is not how I usually do things, but check this out and going to step aside for a real quick break but we'll be back for more with Tim We're introducing the only Auction House dedicated exclusively. 1990s, Josh Adams and John Linden of created, an auction company solely for the rare scarce and hard to find in certain parallels as an 1890s Weatherby. Basketball, baseball, football, or hockey 90s. Auctions will have the drops, and will consist of smaller, Lots between 100 and 120 watts. So your cards won't get lost in the shuffle. Founded on the principles of fairness, honesty, and integrity 90s option was clear. Aided by collectors for collection, register consigned, today at 90s auctions.com. That's 900 less auctions.com. Thanks for staying with us. Here's more with. Tim Shepherd, the speaker that, you know, I know kind of what you collect and you do some sad sand. You collect your guys and, you know, Brent your guy, and you have some teams being now and a general manager of an LCS. Has that changed how your hobby at all, or? No, it's really focused me down. I'm just really focused on, you know, I don't pick up as much as I used to that gets outside of my 

6:47 PM
Is he in another? I have a small piece of gear ham sandwich. I'm quite a large PC, but he's a utility infielder for the Rockies. He happens to be a friend of my, one of my, but he's a cousin of one of my buddies. And so, that's why I collect him. And I work on Topps, baseball sets from the 70s through it now. And that's just kind of really where I'm at everything else though. Has been like, hey, like sell-off sell off, but I'm trying to really condense down things, but you do get a different perspective on Lincoln said, the card fatigue, I did personally enjoy my own cards for quite a while just because of So focused here and wanting to make this and get this to a certain level. And So lately, I've been spending more time doing that and enjoying a little bit more. But when I look at him, I don't get some of the cards that are personally attached, you know? I guess it's like to the PC. Like it's a lot easier to let go and understand that I can take this and turn it into money to go buy more of the stuff. I really, really enjoy, even though it has some value. Now it's much easier for me to move that product and I thought I was already there. 

You know, a year or year and a half ago and it's gotten way more refined down. As I we sit today, it has a question. I'm going to put you out a little bit on the hot seat. George Brett walks in the store, you know, a person selling it like, do you have free reign to buy that for you? How does that work being in the store? Well, the shock the shop will buy it and then I'll work out a deal with the shop so we'll take it in and usually if it's like I don't personally do a lot of the audience 

And stuff, but I have a car. I have a kid in the works for me and he's been popping in and out his name's Pete Sacramento cards if you're out there anywhere he's great, he's 18 years old. This kid is a whiz with cards in, so I let him handle all the buying and transactions one because it energizes him. It's really his Forte and loves doing it. So I let him to kind of deal with it and then once he brings a card in or we take a card in, I'll deal with him or I'll do them in the shop owner and say, Hey listen. This needs to come to me and funny as you see that we 

We have a card here that just recently came in and trim Williams rookie autograph. Now Oklahoma, he trilliums. If you don't know what he didn't sign a lot, he has his contenders autograph that your says, no autograph stamped on the autograph card, because he refused to sign them. And couldn't come to a deal. And actually these SP Authentics, I believe halfway through the Run. He stop signing in with the disagreement. He thought he was signing his name. His, you know, his hands away. He was deciding so much. There's not a lot of trillions work you Autos. I love how I was an offensive lineman. I Loved, I love the way this guy plays and so this one came in. So I'm trying to work out a deal today. I'm trying to work out a deal to take that home and add add to the PC. So we'll see what happens. That's funny. And you know what? Might work out better for you because when you're trying to buy something, you have a Casey attachment for, right? You potentially have the risk of may be paying too much for me, but having this young man Sacramento cards kind of be the guy that won't that's less likely to have. 

Probably saves you. The probably seems in the long run. Oh yeah. I know it seems me from having that like, anxious smile on my face, trying to do the deal. So you know, and it's neat because I've also had customers bring stuff in and they're like, hey, I keep being here, it's much old Brett's. I had, or hey, I pulled this and will work, you know, and I usually like, we, like I said, let the shop the Shopify, and then we'll work at the old Eric, it's just, it's just the way we work here. We want, we want the customers to feel comfortable doing. And a deal with us as the shop in it just makes it easier easier for the customers and us to do it to do it like that. It there's no confusion of when something's happening on the for, you know, where it's going or what's going to happen to it, will deal with the later. Then I'm not so worried about, you know what, we took it in for, you know, all double it, triple it. If I need to especially if it's the George Brett card, the shop will come up and take advantage of me, which I'm fine with because we're going to do well to shop. And I'm going to do well as a 

Like they're so everybody wins. Yeah, it's a win. It's a win-win and it's great. It sounds like you've got sort of a system in place, you know, a lot of good you here which stored up not even just cards through its, we're just business is in general, right? They don't have sort of a system and that's where things go awry, right? Things get off off the track. So having that sort of, everyone knows what their role is, and doesn't, well, that's a that's a huge difference maker. I want to touch on Wax, you mentioned wax, you know about the Fanatics Well, it's now old news, kind of a two-pronged question, can, you know, the difficulties of wax? You know, acquiring wax for the store now? And are you concerned? Once this transition happens with the least, the three major sports would Fanatics getting a license especially being a newer store. Are you are, you know, are you concerned long-term about how that might look and go down? Actually, no, I'm I'm actually pleasantly happy with I think the what's going to happen in the future. When we really truly don't know exactly how Fanatics is going to miss this necessity, necessarily release the products out. But one right now we work with two of the major Distributors one. A pack happen happens to be right up the street from us. So we have a really great relationship with them, so we're able to get wax in what we need and with Fanatics taking over. 

I think what's gonna happen is you're going to see a lot of the talking with these Distributors. They have a lot of people old old-time dealers on their books that they've had for decades that because of their spend or what they have and they really do the One Time by or they're not re buying or different things, or they're just they're kind of set in as Card Collector to says the LCS, 1.0 the original version. They're still there. They have a lot of these folks do on their books. And so what this is going to To happen is all these old agreements and all these old spends go away when Fanatics takes over. So everybody starts at 0 and at least that's kind of what it sounds like and you're going to go in and everybody's gonna be on a Level Playing Field, then it's going to go from there. So I'm kind of excited about that. Phonetics has a distribution of you know they deal with all this merchandise for all the major league sports. Anyway, I feel like they're going to probably have different arms the way they go about getting product out. You've heard heard them talk about. They want to make sure that they still get the shop directly. 

The shocks. So if you like being able to buy tops direct, Panini direct, which those accounts are very hard to obtain and have, I know, someone locally that has a top strike the count and what they relate pay versus what the distributor pay, you pay the distributor even though both prices good ones a whole lot better than the other. And I can tell you going right to the person making the product is the best for the shops around, we can provide a lower price on the floor, to the customer who's the true end consumer. It takes one of the middlemen And out of that process, you're not having the company that makes the product and the Players Association taking votes to B up. The distributor takes a bite out the hobby. Take the chop takes a bite out and then in the in consumer has to pay for all of that. So they're paying for, for people before people think bites out of it to get there. And so you see a lot, I mean it's gonna be a lot better for for the hobby shop and for the, the collective, the end of the day to be able to be able to get better products at a better price. 

Someone's at my door. I've got again that be right back Hines Ward's guard is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround time. Heck they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cars group, or on the web at iron sports cards.com or even give them a call at. 0n P. Sa Rob's got you covered. So it's called nation has retail. 

I feel a certain way about a certain company in Texas and I won't hesitate to tell my customers about it but I couldn't have been happier to when both these big companies got there, what happens and when Fanatics back toward them and took the license away from? Because I think they were high on the hog thing and no one can ever mess with us. We're perfect for doing great, either lobster and steak. And all of a sudden one day, they're like we better update that resume. So it could be very interesting to see. I'm happy to be at the Forefront of it and 

Wax is one thing we've never been and I hopefully will never be reliant on whack. Salespeople drives people in the door to come by Wax but I have probably close to 750,000 if not a million singles in our Hot Corner plus a few hundred thousand back here that haven't made it and we're talking from a dollar up to slap you know should graded cards on the floor? You know, I have 10 plus showcases, full of cards and memorabilia out there people come for the wax but they Open the singles in the memorabilia and then I believe the camaraderie and the For service we provide so, you know, waxes in the society. But not what's driving our business. And there's some other, some shops that rely on wax solely and we'll see what happens. We'll see how out Williams, but be interesting to see what happens Fanatics and let's go, I'm ready. Yeah, it is going to be interesting. That's that's one thing we can agree on that. I don't work for net for fnatic stem, you know, that just kind of reading between the lines, with some of the things they've sort of, let out, you know, I think they 

6:57 PM
Want to go. They're going to have a store Division and what you said, where everyone's kind of starting on equal ground to, to get on, you know, that store direct account. So I, you know, I think that's that's good. The Distributors. If I'm a distributor, you know, we talked about sort of the card companies kind of Heaven that you know, invincibility or what they thought was invincibility. And I think the Distributors were doing stuff to and Fanatics knows that they're not, you know, and I think that's really where they're already known for their directed consumer model and I think they do want to bring that to cards and but I also like the fact, I've heard them mention they're going to have like a breaking division where the supply breakers like you said and LCS Division and even a direct the consumer. 

So, it's the distributor's that if I was a distributor, you're not a distributor. I'm not a distributor, I'd be a little bit walking on pins and needles, if you will more, so if I was them than than some of the other, you know, divisions if you will, you know, definitely, I mean, I can see him doing direct consumer with like, an eighth. Like, you know, how they out topsides light and Panini as H2. So, some certain product like that, where, you know, if you look right now, tops truly doesn't I'd sell their own hobby products on their website. Now it's usually a retail box. It's an online exclusive only, which you can get from a distributor. I love that about what tops does and I think maybe that's something the Fanatics looks at. The one thing I have a problem with is Panini when they release their own hobby boxes, do not talking. First off the line, when they do Dutch auctions or any of that stuff. But when they put their own hobby box on their website on release day, so say you like what? Just came out was certified football. I think they had it for like two hundred five dollars on their website. Well, I 

Tell you as a shop, we are buying it from our distributor close to that price point. Now, what happens to us when they can go and buy it from Panini, the company that made it for 205 on the website or they can come in my shop and buy it for 225 or 250 or whatever Michelle price is because I have to make enough to be able to buy the product, pay the guy to sell it and or just put it in the system, right? Or just pay the shipping to get it, you got. Oh, that's got to be included in it. And so, that's the one thing I did not like, what? But I don't like what Panini does there is because they're undercutting the hobby shops. They're supposed to be supporting with this product. Now, Tom says, do that, so, maybe Fanatics looks at doing something where it's, something's, not available direct to hobby shops, it's direct to customer. I think they're going to have a high end, where they work with auction houses, on some very nice pieces. Very high-end stuff to buy. I believe they're going to support Breakers insert way and treated different than than a hobby shop. As far as the way they get product. So it'll be interesting to see. I think, you know, you see the way they get product out in the reason that 

The manufacturers currently don't do that is because they don't want to pay for them. They only make the physically, make their own party's, accompany the front, right? These another coming Distributing, they really just come up with the idea. They put it out, they say, you print it, you ship it, you sell it, we're going to sit back here and work on the next step that's coming out and what cards were going to forget to put in. So that's and I think Fanatics like hey we already know how to ship stuff out. We have all these great weight ways to get it out to the public. Let's figure that out. And let's cut the cost. So everybody 

Join more of the product. Yeah, I've heard a rumor. That's all everything is speculation, right until Fanatics confirms or releases a press release. But I like this, I if it does come to fruition, you tell me what you think. But I've heard of them even doing a product where the stores like your store would get the hobby version retailer. Walmart Target would get sort of a retailer which which is what we kind of have now. Now, but they'd also even make for Breakers that were in there breaking division, they would get sort of a Breakers product, that would have, what would be different inserts or different color parallel. There would be a difference. There would be stuff in that Breakers box that you couldn't get from coming in the true for going on Fanatics website, you're in and buying and doing sort of these. So, no matter where you go, you have the chance to get it, actually make it more. 

You know, interested. Hey, I want to get all of this so you could buy From all these different levels. Obviously, this hasn't been confirmed, it may never happen but if it was true, what do you think of doing a product of along those lines? No II, agree. I mean, you really look now too, is that when they have all these different releases the differently, I'll get paninis and they don't open any yet. Maybe they will, who knows? Maybe it's happened. We just don't know, but what'll hap. What you'll see is they have different color parallels in like Target boxes and won't vs. Wall? Box of H2, has a different box, different parallel. They have Team. Oh, that was a different one hobby megabox. They have all these different releases that they put out under the same Gunners optic, right? But they go a hundred different ways and if you want to spare specific color, you know what product to go, and where to go get that. I think they could do that going forward. I think having the top strand, no matter if they own Panini or not cops, Chrome will always I think, with collectors beat out prism, but National Treasures. Cops wouldn't have anything like that. So I think they would blend the two Brands something like that, and if they don't end up buying a panini or happens or won't or whatever, I still think Fanatics looking quite well you know coming up with some new names are bringing some stuff back from the 2000s or 2010's that we haven't seen in quite some time that will drive customers and collectors to want to want to collect more and bring and bring any more people back into the hobby because the easiest, I think what happened is now. It's it was so hard for her to get stuff and so expensive, it's scared. 

People away. And hopefully it'll kind of bring that, it'll bring the price down a little more, people get into it and open it a reasonable price and we'll see, I'm excited. It's time for a quick break but we'll be right back. Are you a new sports car to the like there or someone returning to the Hobby? Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy hobby Community, to hang out with and enjoy collecting. Midwest, boxford's has been bringing collectors together for many years with affordable, rates of will thread and a disc. Court group pack with generous people who genuinely care about hobbies and other collections. Check out the brakes at Midwest box. Breaks.com our goal is to bring you as much value as possible. Also find us on Twitter at Midwest. Botsford hey folks John here just wanted to remind you use the discount code M bb10 for 10% off. Your first order at Midwest box. Breaks calm 

Thanks for sticking with us. Let's return to the show. Not Brooklyn kid. So when the whole caps news broke it was a little, I'm not gonna lie, I've said it on the show little shock to the system. Right? But you know, I don't disagree with what you said, right? They got sort of can place, it may be lazy and design if you, if you want to go that far. So I guess I'm excited to see. What kind of new approach they're going to bring? I'm excited on that level. At least them you know, everything. You know, the one I get asked a lot, I'm sure you get asked a lot. What do you think? Is this going to be good? Is this bad? You know, my answer is like this going to be some good things that come along with this but not everything is going to be good, you got to give them if you're looking for like a perfect 10 or everything, they do is going to get a thumbs up from from Your wishful thinking this going to be stuff. You don't like that made. They may do there's going to be stuff. I don't agree with we might be on opposite sides of the house. So if you're thinking that they're going to just nail everything out of the park, you're not going to like it but give them. No, give them a little bit of time before you sort of kind of come in with your verdict. You you? I mean what do you think of it that assessment? No, I definitely agree with that. No one's ever going to know that you're not going to. 

Everybody no matter how perfect you try to be, trust me, you know, doing this shop, we try to do everything the best way we can and you still can't make people happy. I can tell you that, you know, and they try hard. And you know, what I can say is like, you know, top just made a mistake, give it sitting right next to me, we bought a bunch of tops Chrome. We still have it here. You know, silver packs, right? So they made a mistake, they took a minute but they got, they got