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Tim Shepler

Nov. 11, 2022

Ep.205 w/ Tim Shepler/ Big Shep of True Sportscards

Tim Shepler is back and a lot has changed since he was last on, he's thinner, healthier and he left a stressful job to be general manager of upstart LCS True Sportscards, we talk about that , what it takes …

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Aug. 16, 2019

Ep.38 w/ Tim Shepler(ATC), Zion Mania, Bowman Sterling is back!

Tim Shepler waxes poetically about the National, Gary Vee, hobby goings ons,etc. Zion Williamson mania in full effect, after a hiatus Bowman Sterling is baaaackkk & in a big way. Get your discount code on Fire Box Card Cases as …

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