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Ep.33 w/Vince Autullo(TSCS Pod)

July 5, 2019

That Sports Card Show Podcast's Vince Autullo joins us, we discuss state of the hobby, some behind the scenes on our shows, Dad stuff, Jaws & much more! NBA/NHL Free agency, Bowman Platinum ehhhh. --- Send in a voice…

Guest: Vince Autullo

Ep.32 w/Pack Geek's Jeff Hoferer,Trip to Cooperstown

June 28, 2019

Pack Geek's Jeff Hoferer joins us for an epic discussion on many topics from the 1984-85 Baseball boom corridor, Gary Vee, kids today & why I love his show. I discuss my trip to see the "Shoebox Treasures" exhibit at the Bas…

Guest: Jeff Hoferer

Ep.31 w/ Artist Ken Karl, Open Mic

June 21, 2019

Amazing sports artist Ken Karl tells us why amateur athletes are his favorite subjects, Babe Ruth jersey sets all time memorabilia record, Topps has "jumped the shark" with Living Set but not because of baseball, Vladdy not …

Guest: Ken Karl

Ep.30 Brody the Kid, Gary Vee talk

June 14, 2019

Brody the Kid is back, a bomb dropping bird & a special announcement, Gary Vee on cardboard, Scandal updates, Black Labels are easy??? --- Send in a voice message: Support t…

Guest: Brody the Kid

Ep.29 w/Nick Wosika Hobby Freelance Photographer, Scandal update

June 7, 2019

Sports Photographer Nick Wosika let's us behind the lens & also tells us what it's like seeing your photos on Topps & Upper Deck cards, yes PWCC & PSA have issued statements so we'll update that situation & we announce the w…

Guest: Nick Wosika

Ep.28 w/Luke Pascal,PWCC,Trimming,Schill bidding,Grading Scandal

May 31, 2019

Jam-Packed Episode & we may be off a few Christmas card lists, PWCC, Card Trimming-Grading,  Schill Bidding, Gary Vee the good & the bad, Why in the world are you paying for card analytics that anyone can obtain free of char…

Guest: Luke Pascal

Ep.27 w/ Jon Shestakofsky of the Baseball Hall of Fame(Shoebox Treasures Exhibit)

May 24, 2019

Baseball Hall of Fame VP of Communications & Education Jon Shestakofsky joins us to discuss the new "Shoebox Treasures" wing which features 2,000 Baseball cards spanning all eras including 10 "holy grail" cards, the display …

Ep.26 w/Stu Stone/"Jack of All Trades"movie discussion, MLB Youth Explosion

May 17, 2019

Actor/Director & Hobbyist Stu Stone joins us to discuss his new film "Jack of All Trades", We'll also discuss the current state of the hobby-You don't want to miss this interview. We are giving away 3 Shohei Ohtani Rookies-L…

Guest: Stu Stone

Ep.25 w/Mike Sommer/Wax Pack Hero,Gary Vee talk/Open Mic

May 10, 2019

Living Set Rookies Impact-Mike Sommer/Wax Pack Hero returns to discuss that, his recent garage sale find & Gary Vee, We announce the winner of the Kris Bryant Gold Label, The debut of Open Mic where we answer the listeners…

Guest: Mike Sommer

Ep.24 Deep Fried Breaks breakdowns the Breaking industry

May 3, 2019

Breaking Bad? I'll tell you why despite recent bad press that breaking is a vital part of the hobby and it's plusses outweigh the minuses, Blake Bollinger from Deep Fried Breaks joins us to give us his insider perspective an…

Ep.23 NFL Draft Special w Jordan Newman

April 24, 2019

*Special Episode* 2019 NFL Draft Preview-My son Jordan joins us to bring his NCAA knowledge in breaking down the draft & who goes where, How does this class matchup to last's year historic one? The Hobby unfortunately los…

Guest: Jordan Newman

Ep.22 Bowman Prospecting

April 19, 2019

Bowman Baseball through the years, the good, the bad & the ugly, prospecting is tougher, 5K for Wander?? It's changed the game & it's not all good. Quit your bat flipping & play ball, Tiger on the prowl again??? --- Sen…

Ep.21 w/Andy Pratt Stanley Cup Preview

April 17, 2019

Stanley Cup Playoff Edition w my good friend from Canada Andy Pratt/Sports Card Life, we break down the opening round & tell you who hoisting the famous cup in the end. We'll talk cards and 30 year old chocolate, yes 30 year…

Guest: Andy Pratt

Ep.20 Hobby Teens & Social Media in the Hobby

April 5, 2019

Hobby Teens: Cards, Social Media & Life behind a screen, controversial discussion about whether teens in the hobby are "too involved", Is there such a thing as too much? Harper is hot, so is Alonso Final 4 is set American Al…

Ep.19 w/Brody the Kid

March 29, 2019

BrodytheKid  joins us, This 11 year old is quite the advocate for the hobby, he's a blogger, video blogger, The Topps Tops of his Class Kid, Social Media budding superstar. Bright future ahead for this young man! We talk new…

Guest: Brody the Kid

Ep.18 Selling in the Modern Marketplace

March 22, 2019

Selling in the Modern Marketplace, definitive guide to moving cards in today's market, from setting up your store, ebay tips, online presence & setting up at shows I'll give you 30+ years of insight in 30 minutes, MIKE TROUT…

Ep.17 w/Andy Pratt Hockey Talk, Redemption Card solutions

March 15, 2019

Andy Pratt from Sports Card Life joins us from north of the border to discuss Hockey, I give my take on the whole hot button Redemption card issue & it's not as anti-establishment as most, NFL Football free agency frenzy! …

Guest: Andy Pratt

Ep.16 w/Mike Sommer(Wax Pack Hero),Topps Living Set & Shipping techniques

March 8, 2019

Mike Sommer talks Topps Living Set & Smart shipping techniques, We open a box 0f 2019 Donruss Baseball "semi-live" on the air, we talk about the NFL combine storylines, Bryce Harper recruiting & Lebron's a Bad man. --- …

Guest: Mike Sommer

Ep.15 w Card Connector, Bryce Harper has a new home

March 1, 2019

Ryan Yancey(Card Connector) joins us to discuss how he's making the vast hobby community a "smaller" place, new releases, sports & we announce the winner of the Gold Greg Maddux case hit. Bryce has a new home --- Send in …

Ep.14 MLB Season Preview,Optic Basketball

Feb. 22, 2019

2019 MLB Season preview, division winners, award winners & post season winners, Optic Basketball wax RIP, Win the SC GREG MADDUX GOLD CASE HIT in this episode. --- Send in a voice message:…

Ep.13 w/Shane Compo-Blind Collector overcoming disability

Feb. 15, 2019

Through the eyes of a collector, Shane Compo doesn't let being legally blind hinder his love for sportscards, an inspiring story. --- Send in a voice message: Support this p…

Guest: Shane Compo

Ep.12 w/Drew Herndon(Let Me Get That Podograph), NFL Rookie Review, Luka Mania

Feb. 8, 2019

Drew Herndon from Lemme Get That Podagraph to discuss the huge impact this year's NFL rookie class made & will continue to make on the hobby & is Luka‐ Mania too much or not enough??? --- Send in a voice message:...

Guest: Drew Herndon

Ep.11 w/Eric Norton(Beckett Fat Packs), Super Bowl Preview

Feb. 1, 2019

Eric Norton/Fat Packs Podcast(Beckett Publications) join us to discuss the evolution of pricing, Ebay, Beckett, Family & Faith, This is our Super Bowl of shows! We'll preview the big game & talk about the 2018 NFL Rookie cla…

Guest: Eric Norton

Ep.10 w Tim Virgilio/Signature for Soldiers. 2019 Topps Baseball Preview

Jan. 25, 2019

Signatures for Soldiers Tim Virgilio joins us to talk about his organization's effort to help our military vets through cards/memorabilia, 2019 Baseball is almost here so we preview next week's 2019 Topp's release,we discuss…

Guest: Tim Virgilio