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Feb. 18, 2022

Ep.167 w/Dub Mentality Joey Shiver

Ep.167 w/Dub Mentality Joey Shiver

Joey Shiver aka Dub Mentality like some has had some devastating personal losses recently but he's persevered and has remained a great hobby advocate & ambassador, we talk hobby, his approach and how the hobby itself helped him through some down...

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Joey Shiver aka Dub Mentality like some has had some devastating personal losses recently but he's persevered and has remained a great hobby advocate & ambassador, we talk hobby, his approach and how the hobby itself helped him through some down times.

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7:19 PM
Welcome to another episode of this Force Kardasian podcast. The show that brings you all the important hobby news discussions debates. Opinions info and interviews with key Hobby and sports dignitaries. Also, if you're good, you know, we are going to give away something. Now. Here's the guy that one of the cards more than the gum. John Newman. What is up? Everybody episode 1, 67 of the sports card Nation. Happy to be back. Got a great guest. Today on the show gentlemen, we've been on the show before but it was in July of 2019 and and I thought about that. But what are we doing here and happy to have them back? Almost over two years from his last appearance. A lot obviously has transpired since then and he had a rough year, you know as a person and would loss as did I and take a lot of you out there can probably Relate in this, probably lost somebody or, you know, whether it be a family, or a friend or co-worker, you know, and might guess lost two, very close, family members. If that wasn't bad enough, very close in time, proximity to each other as well. And it's a resilient guy. And you know, we talked about ambassadors and Advocates of the hobby, two words. I like to use and try 

Due to represent and be in this gentleman, brought one of the poster boys. For those two words. Very passionate. Great guy loves the hobby, loves helping people loves being, you know, promoting the ha beep, you know, all errors all sports even even though it's predominately baseball. If you haven't figured out who I'm talking about yet. It's done mentality. Joey. Schreiber will be at my guest today on the show. Like I said, I've known Joey for four years and can't say a bad word about him at all. Just just a really good dude, and you know, who loves the hobby, loves to promote it and like I said, you know, had an up and down year with different things in his life and I want to talk about that. How do you you know, continue to have the through those? 

And how the hobby itself can be sort of a factor to get you through it, you know. And he's going to tell you how a lot of the folks in the Hobbies through their actions when he was down, you know, kind of helped him out and most of the time it's him helping others, but, you know, everyone needs help a different points or another. So in Joey's going to talk about that. We're going to talk about a lot of things. Great, great. Relation with a great person and, you know, the certain kind rose that just two guys talking or two people talking and I think this will definitely qualify as sort of that. You know, when I talk to to dub, we're really like we may be recording but we're going to have similar conversations whether I hit that record button or I don't. So I think you'll find, you know, his point of view interesting. 

The, you know, Hasn't done much social media wise recently, so glad to have them not. So, with that being said, let's get this thing started. Hey, this is Jeremy with be Estes Park cards platform that has no seller fees. Just want to remind everyone. The hobby is the people. 

This sports card shot is your small town local card, shop with a global reach located in New Buffalo MI, Michigan. The shop is one of the most accessible in the midwest. In addition to being an authorized Panini direct dealer, the sports card shop, carries all major trading card Brands, including Tops Upper Deck, Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh, and more with all that new wax a half million singles and showcases full of greeting cards. You're sure to find Things great for your collection whether you're just starting out or a seasoned collector, the sports card shop is your One-Stop shot. So call us come see us or visit us on the web and social media. Our phone number is two six nine four, six nine zero, one four. Zero website is the sports card shop at Mo co.com. The sports card shop is part of the Moko. Retail Group connecting Sports The Hobby and people around the world. Hey John, it's alright. Glad to have my next guest, back on Sports Carnation been too long. I didn't realize it was this long when I looked up his last appearance almost three years. He was here in July of 2019. That's way too long for this gentleman, but glad he's back today. Will. Make sure the third appearance. Is it almost three years, but Mr. Dub mentality, Joey shy were welcomed and John appreciate you having me. I had it really been that long either. So I know. It's crazy, man, even with a pandemic and everything else going on in the world. So it's been, like I said, almost three years. And I've talked to you. I don't want to make it like we haven't had any conversation. I'm just saying as far as being on the show a lot. It has happened, obviously Hobby in real life. And in that almost three years span for you. You've had, you know, some ups and some Downs. You lost some close relatives with it with it. Dad and uncle. Those were the downs and then, you know, sports-wise you had your bulldogs and Braves winning winning Championship. So you've had highs and lows as a lot of people do put your, you know, your personal 

The air and you keep going. And you know what? I'm going to talk, you know, hope to talk to you a little bit about that. And you know, so I guess I'll congratulate you even being a Mets fan. Joey on the Braves World Series. Congratulate Lisa. What in the Phillies, right? That's right. Yeah. Those guys, I don't, you know, I don't I don't really hate. I don't have hate for other games. I just wrote for the Mets. Oh, So I guess if we can't do it, if someone in our division gets its really the next best things and sometimes that just motivates, you know, the team to do some stuff and they got Scherzer in the offseason. And so before it before that shut down and we will talk about that today as well. But we'll see. Hopefully we have a baseball season so your grades can defend their title, but you know, I 

What about, you know, I don't want to talk too much about. No, it's it's tough. I lost my brother myself in June. You lost the your dad and your uncle very close together, losing one's not terrible enough, you know, to is even worse. Talking about, you know, how do you get through that, you know, as a as a human and as a hobbyist kinda, you know, in both sectors, if you will, yeah, you know, Obviously nothing can really prepare you for something like that. Even if it's a situation like in my family, you're both my uncle. And my dad were sick. We knew they were sick and it wasn't, you know, we knew that something was going to eventually happen this. You still never ready. You try to spend as much time as you can which is which is made Difficult by the pandemic. You know, when you have you have a relative who is compromised the way my dad was you know, you have to be 

And so you had this fine balance of, you know, do you guys spend as much time as I can? I spend as much time as I'd like, no because I have to quarantine from time to time when I've been exposed and things like whatever the case may be. But um, yeah, I did get to spend a good bit of time with my dad, the last couple of months and you know got to say some things that you want to say as a son to a father or got to hear some things from Him that you want to hear. So that for that, I was thankful. We didn't get much of a break after that, with my uncle passing away at two months later. And so it was a bit of a rough time. Obviously, family gets you through something like that and friends, you know, I've met so many people in the hobby work where the hobby comes in white, for me during that time was just the people that I had met in the friendships that I've made with people and, you know them reaching out. 

Sending letters cards, whatever the case may be, and it reminds you that you're, that you are that your world is bigger than, you know, when you get in the situation, alas, easy to close off. It's easy to count on burrow and your own hole. And it helps you to see, you know, there is, you know, things out there that you can attach yourself to and try to get your mind off things and, you know, try to move forward. Obviously, the you want to, you want to honor the A person from he's left you in. And that's what I'm trying to do and believe it, you know, the kind of dad that he was to me to my children and that sort of thing. But a hobby spending so much time at my parents house, you know, the last couple of years, it was where I grew up and where they lived in that house since I was 7, I believe. So it was home to me. That's where I swear. I opened my first pack of cards. That's where I spent. You know, my teenage years collecting Jose. 

A good Mark, McGwire and King for junior. So, maybe in a joke, relax guy, you know, I have all these boxes, you know, they need on daughter's 88 times. Whatever the case may be. You have those with me and open them in the house and just brought back all these feelings and memories. And you know times when I would open call my dad different things like that. And so I was able to, you know, do some of that, you know, as I spend some time with my mom. After my dad passed, the spent a lot of time today down there with her because she's really my dad. I'm 45 next week or Sunday and she's been with him 50 years. And so this was a big, big being alone, big change for her. And so me and my kids and my wife spent time with her and so just being able to spend time down there and kind of relive, some of the memories and moments that 

Still hold on to as an adult collector that I hold onto from what I was a teenager and my uncle was really close in age to me only eight years apart and, you know, we collected together, he had cards and he was at Auburn gas to his guys. Frank Thomas and Bo Jackson and I was Herschel and Dominique Wilkins, you know, we hold on to our colleges when they went into the pros. And so we had a lot of memories, you know, with him that I was able to I kind of realize again and you know, think about it and just kind of cherish some that, you know, sort of really what I've been doing the last four months or so doing, you know, it's I've been monitoring the hobby. I've been opening cards. I've been spending some time, you know, Twitter and things like that. But, you know, this is the first your, this, this me and you talking is the first time I've sat down and talked with 

7:32 PM
Passed away because I just haven't haven't done this sort of thing for whatever the weather it's motivation or have a lot of things going on. This is really, you know, my first first chance to sit down and kind of talk about it with a hobby perspective. So I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to do that. Well, I appreciate I appreciate you doing it and coming on and I know it's not easy. I like I said, I had a, you know, what my brother passing in June, it's Noah. Even eat like you said, Joe. Even when he's sorted. No, it's coming. It's still very difficult. I don't care what anyone says, you know, and I think well said, would you know talking about, you know, the memories with your dad and your uncle both especially relating other cars but not just cards and I believe the best way we can honor those who go before us is and how we conduct ourselves and carry ourselves. And you know, I know you well enough. 

To know and say this, you know, I'm I know they're very proud of how you conduct yourself and as a dad and I'm not even talking as just a hobbyist, but as a dad and you know, and in the hobby as a person just says a person in general. So, you know, that's the best thing we can do to honor. Do you know when we lose relatives is to try to make them proud. I'm sure they were already were. And just continue to make them proud and you always have those memories, you know, card related ones, non card related ones. And you know, I think you know, I know my brother and I'm sure your dad and uncle would tell us, you know, keep going, you know, and you gotta live your life as well. And that's the best way we can honor them is by, you know, doing the best we can and trying to be a good example. 

While we're here as well. You're at you know, one thing I admire about you. I try to be like that. You might do a little bit better job than I as you just being a positive person in general, but especially, you know, in the hobby as well just spreading hobby positivity and you know, you mentioned about a lot of the folks from the hobby when you know, you lost your dad and uncle, I kind of came to came through. You and and said things and communicated thoughts and prayers and condolences and all that stuff. And I think that's a testament to Joey to, you know, you as well. What do you mean other people that they care enough? I know, you know, even thinking back in June when my brother Steve past the things, you know, the notes and emails and direct messages and that stuff. I don't know why I'm sure I can speak for you. 

Stuff goes a long way. I know it. You someone said wow, that's just words, you know, but sometimes those words really can hit home and you know, you're not alone and people are thinking of you and care enough about you to take time whether it's 30 seconds out of their day or 10 minutes. It's still really didn't have to do that. And so the fact when people do that just tells you sort of what you mean to them and it kind of lifts your spirits up as much as as Can be in the moment and, you know, I think it's important that I try to be like that, you know, and no one how that feels. I try to, you know, be a little bit of a light, you know. You hope you never have to be for anybody. Not Brad happens, but that's not life in reality. So yeah, really agree agree. Yeah, but you gotta keep going and that's the best way I can honor, you know, all our loved ones and friends that, you know, we've lost. 

So, you know, going to step aside for a real quick break, but we'll be right back after that. Brad Morris cards wants to buy your cards. A long trusted name in the sports card. Business. Greg has been buying sports card collections for over a decade. Now, any sport, baseball, basketball, football, or hockey and any error vintage or modern will do just no, drunks wax error. Sets, please to learn more and to celebrate more should cards go to You Greg Morris cards.com fill. Consignment sale request form and someone will get back to you and how to get cash for your car. Also if your dealer looking to sell your collection, Greg Morris wants to talk plenty of dealers, use Greg Morris massive, eBay platform as a way to consign their card. Take advantage of Grants experience in the hobby to get more bang for your buck. Sports card nation is back with dub mentality. Get back to the Hobby. It's been, like I said, since we've really talked in depth about the hobby, lots a lots changed a lot, a lots happened. You know, we're very close in age. We have similar interests and, and how we got our starts, what I mean? What are your thoughts right now? Joey had done. Where we are, like in the hobby, you know, you know, good or bad. Well, 

You know, it's because it's been so long since we talked there is a, there is a wide range of things that have happened. You know, we've seen project 2020 explode and then fizzle then yes, you've seen the base card explode and come back down. Some seen players, you know, Prospect. And, you know, there's a, there's a lot of, there's a lot of things that you can attach yourself to that are negative in the hobby. If you really look for those things. Things, you know, the social media can can point out things that are negative. But, you know, especially over the last year. I've remembered the reason that I do baseball cards and football cards, and basketball cards, or whatever is to break away from negativity and being, you know, the responsibility and just being drop down by just everyday life. I mean, you can, you can easily get bogged down and work and 

And being a parent and also going through life changing events and think it's easy to just, just bogged down with all that. And in the last thing you want to do, and I'm speaking from my own experience. The last few months. The last thing you want to do is jump online and fall right into, you know, an argument about what a rookie card is or what Grading Company is good and bad. And, you know, obviously those topics are important, you know, they're not, you know, they're not just Russia, decide things, you want to go with companies or good, you want, you know, it's important to talk about what rookies are and have perspective and things like that. But, you know, the way that it can kind of get carried away right now. Social media in general. I think, I don't know if it's combination of people being at the less out in the public over the last couple of years than before, but it's social media has seemed to embolden people, even more to do and say things that they wouldn't normally 

Say or do and that has trickled over into our hobby. That's just not, you know, politics and everything else. It's, you know, you see people going out at all the time and I've just found that my position here in this hobby. I've been blessed. I know that's corny people, you know, it's corny when people say that sort of thing, but, I mean it, I've been touched by this hobby. So many people that have been kind to me or that I've gained friendships from And so my, my role of I feel like it's just too big. He's a good Steward for the hobby. I've probably had missteps over the years with that. But I feel like last year. I've kind of refocused what I wear. I want to be in this. Obviously we've seen a lot of change the pricing, we going through the whole retail, you know, wildness of people camping out and waiting on retail. Now, retail starting to show up a little bit more. 

Is higher price. So you gotta it's almost a be careful what you wish for situation, you know, you want the retail there and you want it where everybody else doesn't want to go. Grab it all off the shelf, in order to do that. You either got to do one or two things. You've got to increase your supply, which collectors don't bite, or you've got to increase your price, which, which decreases margins from, you know, secondary Market type stuff, which also collect your school. Like, you know, collectors would prefer to just When I go to Walmart, let there be what I want to be there. That's just not how it works. And so, you know, we've seen the hobby CAD, I think adjust to that good or bad depending on which side you're on, we've seen it adjust to that. And you know, that was something that I needed to happen. We've seen obviously with the stops and Panini stuff going, the Fanatics way, you know, there's a lot of question marks. There's a lot of 

About what it's going to do, for. For card shops for our body points, you know, are we going to be able to find stuff? Like we find it now or we're going to have the Avenues to buy then we have. Now. I'm sure all that's going to change to some degree. Maybe not as drastically as something, but I'm sure there's going to be some change there. And so I'm anxious to see what happens. I makes you see, whether you any of the car companies, stay involved afterwards, you know, leaf. As continue to stay involved with no licenses and they put out there. There are a lot of products. They put out that I enjoy, you know, the Panini Gus baseball for no licenses and there are some products out there that I enjoy. So, you know, I mean, anxious to see how it all shakes out. I don't think anybody knows except for the folks at Fanatics, what's going to happen, but, you know, there's a lot of a lot of uncertainty right now and it sort of goes with from a 

Yours perspective. There's been a lot of uncertainty for a couple of years. We have seen an influx of collectors / investors, /, you know Prospectors, whatever you want to call it, come in over the last couple of years and it's changed the way we collect these change. The way that we can access product is change the way that, you know, I was buying, I had a conversation with my card shop owner several months ago. I bought And seven, 2018, select football. I bought a hobby box from in 470 bucks. That was the set that had Lamar Jackson, Josh Alan Baker, Mayfield that year. And just bought a hobby box for 117. I was it and you can't sniff select megabox right now for 170 bucks. We've seen that some of the sets that are coming out this week, the releases you rookies and stars coming out with a 360 dollar price tag and 

7:43 PM
My opinion, an entry-level product for football, you know, I can score a Dominus, a rookie and stars, and that's coming in at 350. So the way we collect has changed a lot over the last couple of years with with this influx of new, new collectors, and I know some people don't call those collectors. I don't know what, you know, I just called collectors because they're in the same hobby that I'm in. There's been a lot of good people come in, you know, there's been a lot of, you know, unscrupulous people come in. So, you know, whenever there's a demand like we've seen the last few years, you're going to draw in some people that that are just looking to cash in. That's just part of the part of the business, any business, you know, for real estates going crazy. You're going to have a lot of people flipping houses and it's just the way it works. And I think as a Long Time season to collect or whatever you want to call us, you know, you sort of see these things come and go. And you know, when 

Do you know when to cattle change your approach, you know when 350 for a rookies and stars box is not going to work for you. It's like okay. Well, I'm going to shift to something else that does work for me and that maybe, you know, $89 which is not been affected by the rush. But, you know, I have one the thing that I've learned over the years is just to adapt with what we're doing. If something has gotten out of my price range, then I've collected. Enough variety of over the years that I can move to something else for a while, and then prices are going to come back now. They may not come all the way now, but they'll level off, you can argue that the prices right now with too high, but I could also argue that maybe the price in 2018 that I paid was too low. You know it maybe it's somewhere in the milk. I think we're all still figuring that out where that sweet spot is, but along the way of course, there's been a lot of casualties with, you know, people stocking up on 

Sale and not being able to sell it, you know, people not being able to find what they're looking for. And, you know, it's obviously there's been times when I've been better about it and that's just human nature. I think. But you know as a whole anytime you have growth in any industry, whether it's you know, collecting cards or whether it's like I said, the real estate when you have growth it's good there's there but there's a thing called sustainable growth and that's what we've Got to find, you know, as we as we grow, lets lets, you know, grow in a way that it's positive and sustainable and I think over time you do that, you go through some hiccups along the way. I mean like say you we've seen some stuff over the last two years that have just blown our minds and so you kind of go through those things. But again, like in my my, you know, experience have been able to account a look at it from a from a distance for 

Of way to say, okay. I know this is way out there right now and the challenge is not trying to not letting it grab you and saying, I've got to be a part of this right now. It's hard. You know, I think again, we talked about project 220 and there's no, there's no better. I guess microcosm event and then you can look at what happened for a short time there with those cards and those prices and how it culminated with that. Sure Griffey. And the numbers that Were ball and then it just mean it just fell off and that is a that's a prime example of supply and demand in a collectible hybrid. You know, the the Nick Markakis tops living card forever was a couple hundred dollars hundred fifty dollars because it was one of the first cards printed and it was set such a lump print run but the flip side of that is when you know a Mike Trout everybody goes out. 

Closet route and there's a bunch print. So, you know, that's another thing, you know, another topic, you know, at a for another time is that, you know, the print to order things in the print on demand things. It's been interesting to watch, you know, the roller coaster of those that kind of ties in, with what everything else is going on in the hobby. You see laws, and you see, you see big gains and you've seen in ft's, come around you seen Top Shop. Shot, you know, explode and then sort of level back out. You know, it's though I have experience in seeing things like this. I've never seen the number of things in the two-year three-year span, then. What we've seen. So there's no there's no measurement. I can put on that. Me just the sheer volume of things that have that have just exploded is crazy. But you know, I still kind of falling in my little area of collecting. I'll buy things when I, when I feel like, you know, I want to Really get into something. I'll you know, I'd spent a lot of time and money on tops Archives this year just because I like the different designs. They released this year and I've always enjoyed the fan-favorite autographs and it was a reasonable box, but you just have to kind of figure out where you fit. It's a hobby. It's it's something that you want to enjoy doing and there have been times over the last few years that I have, but I have found myself chasing instead of enjoying 

You know, I've tried to limit that exposure and tried to stay in my Lane so to speak with what I know and you know, I can I can feel comfortable doing that and every now and then, you know, I'll let it bug strike me and go out and buy Top Shot, you know, or something like that, but it's you know, I'm very anxious to see where we go from here with the the licenses and with that extending involved. I've kind of, you know, I'm gonna Let them sort of either impress me or upset me before, I have a strong opinion, one way or the other. I've never dealt with them. I've seen people who have, you know, there's been good experiences, bad experiences, but I think we can say that about most of the companies that we deal with are there's good math. And so I think, you know, from a highly from my standpoint as a long time collector, all I want to customer service and some options. So 

You know, give me something to buy and, and stand behind the product and we'll be fine. Yeah, well said, man preached up because I'm not going to disagree with much of that. If it were, if any of that time for another quick break, but right after that, we'll be back with more with dub. We are back with Joey shimer, couple bullet points, you know, you mentioned being a good Steward of the Hobby and that sometimes you're, you know, you might, you might not always be couple things. I like to use the to the, to a words, right? Advocates and Ambassador for the hobby. You do a really great job. We're human, we're going to have moments where we don't, you know, we're not, we're not perfect. It is where I'm going with that. Surely. Nothing to be ashamed of 

Out, if you do eight things right out of 10, that's better than I think, most people. So you can't be too hard on yourself. You mentioned sort of, you know, not getting caught, you know, you know, the term that a lot of people use fomo fear of missing out, you know, don't you know, it's easy to say sometimes it's hard to do, but if something's out of your price range, you know, you just got to let it go and like you said, a lot of times, it eventually comes back. Back down back in The Grassman if you still wanted at that point, it's more obtainable with a little wee. Little patience, you know, if you got to have it right now, it's going to cost you more money than if you can guide them. Waited, waited out. You're meant to show some social media right on the money, you know, people will take the smallest topic or debate and just, you know, you beat it like a dead horse and, you know, make make them. 

Out of a molehill. And you know, one thing, I've done the last couple years myself, the and I think you mentioned it as well. Is I just don't get caught in those those big discussions. Like it's sort of like potholes in the road right. Now. You have a choice. You can boom. Run right into it. Rattle your car or you can, you know, slow down a little bit and go around it and avoid it. That I've kind of taken that I'm on social media. I'm acting about A media, but I'm just not going to get into these long drawn-out arguments, especially when there's really an, especially an opinion things. Because I know what's right or wrong. It's your opinion. So, your that's the thing, you know, I'm very interested in hearing your opinion. I want to hear about what you think about this product, and what you think about, you know, PSA or whatever the case may be. I want to hear that, but I'm not going to let it ruin my day. Yeah, you feel differently about it than I do. It's not. 

It's not that, it's not. You know, it's not that important to me. I want to hear opinions. I want to have discussions, but I'm not going to let it, you know, send me the hell on a rolling road where, you know, I'm now miserable talking about it. Yeah, I mean, that's, you know, you mentioned a hobby, being an outlet, right? What you know, everyone has a different Outlet, musicians, where they put guitar drums, they sing. That's their release right after work. They enjoy it. They get, they can kind of just 

You know, let their hair down, so to speak. That's tender what to have for. Those are in the hobby. That's what the hobby should be. Like you said. So to get angst over or get upset, you know, that's, that's where the hobby gets to be too serious. And, you know, if the hobby that you love or supposed to love the starting to really make you upset or angry or mad, then you got to take a step back and reassess, you know, your approach or what you're doing and you know, maybe Not take it as seriously maybe like you said sort of avoid those sort of like you're interested in hearing other people how they feel, but you're just not going to get, you know, suck down that rabbit hole where it ruins your day or put you in a bad mood that right thing. And that's one of the things I enjoy about Pi here. And listen to a podcast is because you get to hear opinions. But yeah, you're not sitting there listening to somebody just you're just 

7:54 PM
It's a it's you know, you're scaring another perspective. I think anything in life, you need to be able to, to listen to other people's perspectives and way those. And maybe maybe it hits home with you. Maybe it doesn't. But if it doesn't, it doesn't mean that that other person is a bad person. You know, it's safe. That's the thing. That's the thing, Dove, you seen a lot of people cross that line where they've done, they gets into personal attacks or name called. Calling, or you're dumb, or you don't know what you're talking. It gets very personal and that's like you said, you know, that's where I'm going to exit stage left. Once we get to that point. I'm not even to entertain, No One's Gonna Win that. It's good. Like you said, it's going to ruin your day's going to get you fired up. You know, I used to have a bad temper. The older I get, the more mellow I get. But this still sometimes when I'm like, you know what, I'm not even going to I'm not even going to go there because I know what's going to happen. So yeah. 

Some self-control. And you know, well said, I mean the happy supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be an outlet or release for, you know, on the side so to speak and you know, for some take it a little bit to see, I mean, I take it serious. I don't want to be a hypocrite, either bought sure, you know, at the end of the day, right? If you know, long as you're not doing anything bad, you're not ripping anybody off, robbing anybody duping any Buddy, how we approach, our bees all are wrong. You know, right? You're not hurt. Nobody then, then I don't have a problem. Whatever. I might biggest thing. What's that even in the hobby? I want to be able to lay my head down at night and know that, you know, I've done the best I can. And I think that I have, I am just as guilty as anybody else of being - from time to time of having a strong opinion about something. 

That's right. Just push that. And when not to and a lot of times it's just not worth push. Yep, and I listened, you know, you with this podcast. I gotta talk about stuff like you mentioned. I'm going to give my opinion. I'm not even saying, I could be wrong. I've been wrong before. I've come on his show and said, hey, when I said this, I was wrong, my bad. I'm human, you know, hopefully if I'm bright more than am wrong, but I'm probably going to be wrong. Again, somewhere down the line. That's just, you know, who we are as humans. I think it's, it's, it's there's some sort of, you know, you know, human element is like a mitten you're wrong. Like, hey, I made a mistake. You know, I think that's harder to do than not to do it or just kind of, like, not talk about it. So and no one, you know, this happens changing so fast. Like you mentioned. I don't care if you veterans like we are. 

For the two sets that's worked up. You know, there's things like you said, when FPS, I never thought, we'd see and of T's I joke about it on the show, you know, breaking which is really save the wax industry at one point. You know, I remember, I don't know about you, when you were younger, like, my friends were, like, we have our packs. They're like, let me know, you know, if they had lasted, let me open some of your packs. I'm like, no, get your own. Yeah, right. Like if you would have told me, 20, 30 years. It's from that that day, like people would pay other people to open all their stuff on a camera. I don't even get to open it and then just send them whatever they get, and hopefully it's good and not bad and I would have thought your crazy. I didn't even want someone, I didn't want my buddy open and packs and he's standing right next to me, right here. Probably someone in another state on the camera and I'm going to pay him to do it too. Yeah, exactly. Yeah today what we're going. 

BC. Yeah, you know, we have no idea. You don't know you, you don't know. And then like you said, that's sort of the fun of the hobby to is like you mentioned, we want to see what Fanatics is going to do. You're sort of giving them the benefit of the doubt. Prove you you know, you're going to reserve judgment until they have a body of work where you can say. Hey, I like what they're doing or you know what? I don't like what they're doing. And if you say I know you well enough to say You know, Doug says, he don't like it. He has reasons and I just didn't wake. On the wrong side of the bed that they just passed, you know, there's a reason he feels that way. Same way, if I feel that way, I can tell you why. I can't just say, I don't know. You know, I just I slip the coin and heads was I don't like it hails. Was I do I can tell you why, you know in my opinion like you talk about it. I just don't like that. And you know, I'm not in nft guy. I'm old school to the point. Where like if I can't have it in my hand, see it. It give it to you, give it to my son or whatever else. It does to me. It's, you know, doesn't exist. I mean, it's just a picture. That's me, but look, I understand. Yeah, thanks me, too, but it's-- are big business. Like, there's more people. Don't think like, me or successful. This is so that doesn't mean I'm right. That's just my Approach was just like, you know, I'm fine with it being a part of the hobby. I have no issue of anybody does it? I still not for me. Yeah. Yeah, and so that's nice. 

That's exactly, it's not my thing. But you know, God bless you, if that's what you like. You know, it's legal. And it's your money and it's your hobby. How do you want to do it IQ self out and hopefully it works out. I like, I tend to root for people until they give me a reason, not right ones though, you know, if that's your thing, you know, enjoy enjoy it, you know going to hear from one of our great sponsors, but right after that, We're turn, Pastime Marketplace has a line of graded card cases that are waterproof, airtight dust tight and hardened to protect and organize your valuable collection. Each of our cases come with pre-cut and preformed foam. So you don't have to cut and tear the phone. When you get your case, the pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett SGC and CGS, slab store it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace check them out at 

That's time Marketplace.com. We are back with more with the, you know, Fanatics wise. I don't want to spend a lot of time in me. I know you said you're going to sort of you're going in there with an open mind. Let me just talk about when that, you know, for me, dub, being from Brooklyn, New York, originally Houma tops. And I always joke around and tops and me were born in the same same place. And, you know, tabs is just a little bit older than me, when that news. He's broke that. You know, they were going to lose their license for baseball. It was really a shock to my system. I mean, when you think they've done it, 70 years and sort of like, you know, it's synonymous with baseball card, right? Anita for I'm 49 years old. For as long as I've been alive, is always been those five letters, baseball cards and and when that story broke, you know, the sentimental guy me not the podcaster, you know, not even. 

I have just the the stupid human being like we might not have Topps baseball cards at this point in a couple years and like it was shocking. I was sad. I was kind of mad. How does this happen? And then, you know, you take a step back, you take a deep breath. And you say well this is early yet. You know, I came on the show and said, hey Fanatics could potentially high tops quiet. ABS. That's what actually wound up occurrence, or we're going to still see those. Five letters on baseball cards. Now, we're going to be owned by, you know, another business, but it's still going to be the tops brand and know. And then I thought about it is like you said, you know, kind of go in open mind to give them the benefit of Doubt, prove me for me wrong or right type of deal and let's see what they do. Right? Let's see what they do and make it better. I mean, if you had to, you know, it pick one thing. What what, you know, if you have 

And Alex on the line. And they said dub, give us one word of advice. You've been doing this a long time. We can we value your opinion here. What what do you what can we do that? Maybe Taps was a diet, a customer service. I'm going to take that one off the table. Yeah, it makes it harder. Is that once I think the obvious one. That's the stick. A ruler in the room. But other than improve customer service, what would you say the Fanatics? Like? Hey, you're in. Charge. Now, I like to see you do this or not. Do this. Maybe something tops was doing and they're like, I don't want to see that anymore. Now that you're calling the shots. Well, would you pick, thanks, you know, it's, it's a tough, you know, to pick one thing. Obviously, there's several things. I'd like to tell them I think first and foremost to buy from by collecting perspective. I thought I'd want to say don't lose your sense of History. 

Even though Fanatics is new in cards are going to be carrying. I mean, on some of their cards like tops and one of the things that has always been meaningful to us, is it's the history of the sport history of cards. The history of designs, great players tha