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Hobby Quick Hits Ep.74 Pre-National Thoughts

July 26, 2021

Some last minute thoughts and things I'm looking to observe as I get ready to fly into Chicago for the 41st NSCC. Follow us on Social Media: Website: Facebook:...

Ep.137 Emily Kless from Topps

July 23, 2021

Emily Kless joins us, she let's us behind the curtain a little, how Topps comes up with the new flagship design, how the Topps truck was born and how many cards are on it & how come the weather doesn't ruin the cards, yes it…

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.73 I'm a Dealecollector??

July 19, 2021

Because I wear many different hobby hats from seller, someone who keeps cefrtain cards and also as someone who buys things with the sole intent to resell, I get asked to label myself, Am I a dealer, am I a collector...a flip…

Ep.136 w/Mike Sommer from Wax Pack Hero

July 16, 2021

Since returning to the hobby Mike Sommer has been a "tour de force", from sharing info, blogging and his podcast the "Wax Pack Hero Minute", but he's also a husband and father. We talk hobby, content creation and the balanc…

Guest: Mike Sommer

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.72 Budgeting Decisions

July 12, 2021

The hobby got a little more affordable recently but it can still be tough on the wallet, we discuss different approaches to hobby budgeting. Follow us on Social Media: Website: Fa…

Ep.135 Preview of the Chicago National w/Tim Virgilio

July 9, 2021

We deep dive the 2021 National, Tips,Advice,Restaurants to eat at, Whose grading at what levels, other events in Chicago and Tim Virgilio drops in to tell us about Signatures for Soldiers which is the charity of choice for t…

Guest: Tim Virgilio

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.71 Money Savers

July 5, 2021

Saving money for your hobby can happen "outside" the hobby to use in it, I share some money saving tips including one that makes me a $1000 a year without me noticing.

Ep.134 w/Jeromy Murray of Beckett

July 2, 2021

Jeromy Murray is accountable, we asked some tough questions, he answered, no dodges or deflection, that says a lot about someone, we also talk about current events, Beckett's plan for the National and after. Follow us on…

Guest: Jeromy Murray

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.70 The Market Crashing?

June 28, 2021

Correction? Crash? The terminology itself is insignificant but the fact most cards are down 30-50% is not, why is it happening, why it's not all bad and strategy to employ during it. Follow us on: Instagram: @hobbyquickhits…

Ep.133 w/Sam Shuford from Women of the Hobby

June 25, 2021

Sam Shuford is just 22 years old but the University of South Carolina graduate is wise beyond her years, she is passionate and wants all to enjoy the hobby she loves, her show "Women of the Hobby" highlights women but is enj…

Guest: Sam Shuford

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.69 Card Shows Then & Now

June 21, 2021

I did my first show in 1987, I still do shows. At the request of a listener I go back down memory lane to discuss how shows have evolved and changed in the past 34 years. Follow us on: Instagram: @hobbyquickhitspodcast Twi…

Ep.132 W/Peter Packman of RPS

June 18, 2021

Peter Packman is a family man and valued member of the hobby community, his group RPS does great hobby related hip hop tracks and some of the funniest hobby videos around and they are just getting started. Big things coming.…

Guest: Peter Packman

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.68 Be the CEO of your Hobby

June 14, 2021

Advice and consultation are great, heck I do those two things myself but this is your hobby, you are your own CEO of your Hobbyverse(maybe the spouse is on the Board of Directors), you decide what you like, what you want to …

Ep.131 w/Leighton Sheldon/Vintage Breaks

June 11, 2021

Just Collect's/Vintage Breaks Leighton Sheldon joins us to discuss his hobby start, career & how he took an upstart niche and put a twist on it and built a brand. I speak from the heart on recent events and my belief tha…

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.67 Cards...Interrupted

June 7, 2021

Not the episode I was planning, but I pay tribute to my brother who just passed. Sometimes life smacks us in the face out of nowhere but there are lessons in life that can be applied to hobby as well. I try to tie it togethe…

Ep.130 DJ Skee & Eric Norton

June 4, 2021

Dj Skee is iconic in the music industry and he's approaching that status in the hobby, he's an artist in the Topps 70 Project, proprietor of 2 LCS's(Cards & Coffee), host of Card/Culture podcast "Card Clout", He loves the ho…

Guests: DJ Skee , Eric Norton

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.66 Pivoting in the Hobby

May 31, 2021

Remember this is your hobby, you can pivot or change how your hobby anytime you want for any reason you want to or no particular reason at all. We delve into that topic and I talk about my own personal pivot I've started. F…

Ep.129 Dallas Trip & Card Show Recap/Review

May 28, 2021

Had a great 3+ busy days in Dallas, I recap my activities, give some show and hobby observations and inspired by a visit to Mike Monyihan's(BaseballCollector) home I decided to do a new PC project. Follow us on Social Me…

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.65 Exhibit Cards

May 24, 2021

Vintage is classic & timeless, and it doesn't always have to break the bank. On this episode we talk about the Exhibit Company cards and how and why I did an about face on them. Follow us on: Instagram: @hobbyquickhit…

Ep.128 w Texas Card Dude Brad Bethune

May 21, 2021

Brad Bethune is a passionate exuberant guy, he jumped back into the hobby and into content creation, when he lost employment he went full time in the hobby, he's learning on the fly and sometimes that can be the best way. …

Guest: Brad Bethune

HQH Ep.64 Undervalued Vintage Football

May 17, 2021

While their careers are over and the accolades are done, there are still some great value plays and bargains in the football card market, we discuss some of those guys in this episode. Follow us on: Instagram: @hobbyquic…

Ep.127 w/Jason Vastine from The Card Table

May 14, 2021

Jason Vastine's story is like many returning to the hobby but he has returned full boar, from Grading, memorabilia and content creation he's jumped right in and his positive passion for the hobby is self evident. Follow …

Guest: Jason Vastine

HQH Ep.63 Vintage Baseball

May 10, 2021

The vintage market is still very accessible and some players in it are in my opinion still undervalued. We'll discuss those things during this episode. Follow us on: Instagram: @hobbyquickhitspodcast Twitter: @HitsHobby Ch…

Ep.126 w/Dr.James Beckett

May 7, 2021

Dr.Beckett returns, together we tackle current hobby events, Topps Stock, NFT's, Grading,etc. Always great having him on. Follow us on Social Media: Website: Facebook:...