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March 11, 2022

Ep.170 w/Anthony Celender(Picksburgh)

Ep.170 w/Anthony Celender(Picksburgh)

Anthony Celender was born and raised in Pittsburgh but now resides on the West Coast, why the move? Was it difficult? We also tackle some other current hobby issues.

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Anthony Celender was born and raised in Pittsburgh but now resides on the West Coast, why the move? Was it difficult? We also tackle some other current hobby issues.

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<span;>8:44 PM
<span;>Cast the show that brings you all the important hobby. News discussions, debates, opinions, info and interviews with key Hobby and sports dignitaries. Also, if you're good, you know, we are going to give away something. Now. Here's the guy that one of the cards more than the gum. John Newman, what is up? Everybody episode 170 of these sports card Nation. Hope everyone has always little quick Shameless plug here for other ship hobby quick hits. This past Monday. We covered the top / Fanatics conference that they had in Arizona. If you didn't catch that, check it out. We went over some of the new details that will be coming up this year and coming year. So check that out today's Guess, Anthony cylinder. Hales originally from Pittsburgh Ortiz. Now located in California and we're going to talk about why, you know, you're born and raised in Pittsburgh fellow steal for him by the way, and but why is he in California? Now? We're going to cover that. It does some YouTube content as well and good guy and we cover some topics and how easy or difficult was it to go from the East Coast.

<span;>C8 H, the Pittsburgh area all the way to the West Coast and why Heber way. But we'll talk about that during an interview or among the other hobby top as well. Pleasure getting to talk to Anthony's, it could do. And any time I can get a Steeler fan on the show. That's not a bad thing. At least to me. There you go. All right. Let's get this party started. This is card. Killer. Remember the hobby is the people.

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<span;>All right, real happy to have my next guest, on his fourth card Nation, guess line. And I'm not just saying that because he's a fellow Pittsburgh Steeler fan. That that doesn't hurt either, but happy to have them. Anthony saw cylinder. Did I say that right cylinder? Yeah, you know, we're close. All right, Pittsburgh on. YouTube does some great. Content. And, you know, Eddie when I see guys that are passionate for the hobby. They stand out, the man that I have my own Den sites, you know, it was pretty obvious. You were stealing fan, that didn't hurt cause either well, maybe get to them towards the back. End of the show. We talked some hobby. But can you give sort of your hobby background? I did you grow up in? Are you from Pittsburgh grew up in Pittsburgh. Born and raised those lives in Pittsburgh all the way. Until January 2nd of this year. I moved to Los Angeles. So, did you see what cards? I mean, was it sub? You did as a kid, you know, where did it come into play for you? Yes, I started when I was a kid to collecting Steelers, actually, believe it or not. So that was, that was the big thing for me, was trying to collect all of my favorite players grown up. And I mean, did you is it is it the age old story Anthony? Like got out of it, kind of came back later. Did you really kind of stick with?

<span;>That like, the whole call Way, sort of both. And I was always sort of, like, I always had my collection. I wasn't always actively dying. And so some, such a such a competitive competitive compulsive. I should say, level, like, I am now. But yeah, there there were some years where I kind of just had it collected dust on the Shelf, but I still kind of maintain that collection. But but yeah, I mean, as of the past, I don't know. Ten years or so. I've just been like, pretty heavy back into it, especially since the pandemic because the pandemic was really where I kind of had a career shift towards cards or so. Yeah. Yeah. It was the perfect. You know, I said on this shows the perfect storm, right? Right is one of the few Industries if you will that actually, you know, prospered during the pandemic and yeah, you know, we seen a lot of new people, you know, you had more people at home either working from home or a 4.

<span;>Maybe not now work in more tabs. Open on the computer. I think we've all been guilty of that, at least once, right. We have a network computers open and that eBay tab is open or table C or whatever. It might be. I'm guilty as charged and, you know, and so allowed more down time. We had that stimulus packages, where we can, if you are on unemployment, you got bonuses and my Wife was actually out of work for two weeks and the two weeks unemployment checks with all the with the bonuses. She actually made more money, the two weeks. She was laid off, just temporarily judgment Act of the job. And actually she had she had co-workers that didn't want to go back to work because they were like in the extra money but you know, so then there was, there was a surplus of money and it was just sort of The Perfect Storm. You know, we're seeing now.

<span;>Sort of calm you down, some things have kind of settled down, but we still, you know, she celebrities pseudo, celebrities athletes in the Hobby and now and talking about it posted on the social media about it buying cards and it's just, it's a, it's a different. You know, I've done this a long time on the old, man, on the porch and I'm pretty sure motoring is you Club. It's a different hobby then. Years ago. And I'm not saying that that serves a bad thing. I'm just saying, like a lot of things, things evolve, things change. I Venture. So you started kind of collecting with the Steelers, good choice there. Well, yeah, our guest Steelers penguins and Pirates. But, mainly sellers, because on Earth are they'll always been my number one. Yeah. Have. Now obviously, he's like, you said, you've got bigger in the last 10 years. You know, what? Where has your interest what?

<span;>Change. As far as may peace. DC or purging, you know, it really got me back into it was basketball parts. And this was even like prior till it the boom and stuff. I'm a die-hard Cleveland Cavalier plan. Which living in Pittsburgh. You be like, how do you like it? Leave them? Damn? Well, they're exactly geographically there. Half the distance as the 76ers who were in our home state. So the Cavs have always been kind of like my pseudo home team. So, I actually got really. Lee into collecting cards again. Whenever I started collecting the Cavs cards, because I already had, like, all the Steelers, I grew up on, but then, like, there is like, a whole bunch of calves. I needed to catch up on over the years. So, filling out, that kind of like re-sparked my love, you know, kind of for the hobby. Listen, I don't I don't blame you there long as you don't become a Browns fan and that electron.

<span;>UPC everything. Do you sell them? Like Auntie or PC kind of, what's kind of your approach to the hubby sort of both. And the big thing for me is I want to add as many key pieces to my collection from like things that I value like that, mainly big Steelers and Cavaliers are going to have the key rookies, that kind of stuff. So I'm a collector first, like first, and

<span;>Like I absolutely like my cards because they're like children are precious. You know, I'm like that dude from The Lord of the Rings, a lot of time. But yeah, I also will like go and buy like rothbart's, send them into like, you know, Grading Company to let them. And, you know, it's something I've done for years. Just because I've always had kind of like a good eye identifying cards, that will be great typically behind the tent and Especially back when trading was like, more affordable, you know, back before the Big Dome of, you know, covid and 2020, and all that stuff. You know, you used to be like, great, you know, return on money. But even since, you know, the markets kind of cooled down, you know, you can still do really well, if you have a good eye for number one Talent, spotting it before, you know, they kind of pop like Joe Borough. Like, if you were stocking up on him, when he tore his ACL last season, he asked out big time this season when you made it to the Super Bowl.

<span;>Also, it's just being, you know, an opportunist. Number one, whenever you find a good opportunity like the borough situation, or number two, just have it in, like, a good way of identifying like condition, you know, and if you can do condition, you know, roughly within like a great Point. We've you can pretty much make some good money sending cards out need braided and stuff like that. So that was kind of how like I started even working towards cards was, I was selling on EBay pretty much several years As I Grew submitted to, like SGC that get like a lot of like the bigger operating companies unboxing up from our sponsor. This show, I must plug, but back in PSA and even some other ones lesser-known ones that I like how you did that. What what was, what was the premise there? Were you just kind of wanted to see how we can

<span;>Does performs their job and kind of just test the landscape out. Was that really the direct? It was to do with two part really, though. The first reason was I kind of want to especially the bigger companies. The more well-known companies. I wanted to learn their grade scale and such like so if I send cards and I kind of have an idea of what I'm going to get that, you know, man, and if you haven't sent to somebody, you kind of don't know. Like for example, like I feel that CSG is a very Very hard greater, you know, like, for example, the same court I would send to them. And to SGC. I feel like I get a more favorable outcome with SGC just because they're a little more hard with it. You know what I mean? So that's definitely something that I take into account when grading. So, when I tried them all was, I kind of wanted to see that it, you know, who created what, you know, like a baseline of someone who's great and with with numerous companies you can

<span;>8:56 PM
<span;>A lot of Truth to that. And another thing I want to piggyback off. You said Antony make a great point about how fickle the hobby can be and how not being critical. You can take advantage of that right? I don't I don't I don't get it, you know girl gets hurt. I know it's a bad injury and everyone just jumped off the borough boat like the guys can obviously we know now it just almost just won the Super Bowl but people are finding the happy when someone gets hurt they act as if like, Every injuries like career-ending, and it's over when it, when it's not now, you know, we can bring up, Zion has an example, some of these are coming, maybe some worrisome. If you will like that, that I get. That makes a little bit more sense, but I'm talking in the respect, or, you know, the guy has the first injury and it's a everyone that's over already. I don't know. You know, I think it's you know, what have you done for me lately, kind of mindset of what you make it.

<span;>A great example of that when he got hurt, everyone was lowering the prices and it was a great opportunity to buy and obviously it paid off for right now. And you know, you see, he see that happen before I mean even Brady he's got seven Super Bowl rings, right? He doesn't get to the Super Bowl this year. He wasn't a big tip. What are you doing? Brady dip and like it doesn't it doesn't tarnish but he already dead. It like that, that's not going away. And so, you know, it's funny sometimes out of hobby, kind of what have you done for today? And it's a great I've watched stuff on those premises when other people panic selling, if you want to call it that and or moved off somebody because they were hurt or maybe mad a bad stretch or even a bad year, you know, like a guy can have a bad year. Doesn't mean every year.

<span;>It'd be like that and if you don't think it's gonna be like this great opportunity to get stuff at a discounted cost. It's a great Point by you. It's funny how the hobby works like that. But that's, that's, you know, I think of some of the newer folks coming in. I think maybe that the tribute, I don't want to put it all on them. I don't think that's fair, but I'm sure that's a small percentage or a decent enough for sin. Image where it's a factor, but the great opportunity to take advantage of that going to step aside for real quick break, but we'll be right back after that for you and new sports car collector or someone that's returning to the Hobby. Maybe you're just looking for a friendly trustworthy Community to hang out with and enjoy. Collect Midwest, box, breaks has been bringing collectors together for almost four years with affordable, brakes TOEFL, Twitter, Treads and a Discord group packed.

<span;>Generous people who care about the have the another collector. Check out the brakes at Midwest box. Breaks.com first timers can use the coupon code mbb 10. It's a 10 percent on the first order. Your first break male will also include a bonus card. So no one strikes out on their first break or goes to bring you as much value as possible. Even wash in NFP project dedicated to the Hobby. Find us on Twitter at Midwest box break. It's Carnation is BET with Anthony cylinder, kind of your thoughts, you know, with Fanatics. Now kind of voting 3/4 of those major license with baseball basketball and football, you know, it is, are you looking forward to it? Are you cautiously optimistic kind of where your thoughts fall on that question? I, you know what? I'm looking forward to it in a sense that I expect them to do it with Excellence. They also are the biggest licensure of like,

<span;>The equipment for a lot of these teams to. So I'd really like to see them get a lot more cool with the way they do. They're like, relics and stuff like WWE has a set, think it's called fully loaded where they like actually have like chunks of chair ladder, like all kinds of stuff in their cards with Fanatics, like, literally being the people that make the stuff that they actually use in game. It would be kind of cool to like, have, like something really cool like that, put into their product down.

<span;>They I would imagine they have that capability. So like that. Well, that's the That I believe would like to see out of it. But I think it's a good thing. I do think Panini and top so far. Still keep bring something to the ground, you know, man, and eventually it may, we may even see another Wild West, like we had in the 90s where it was like, literally every bone in the wrong. Small, great cards. I don't know if you remember back in the days. I don't know if the brand but a national thing, but back in the day, man, you can go and get, like, any different type of art have like a million different brands. What I Think and I don't want to speak for Fanatics. It's just we're all pulling for all putting our speculators has on and kind of predicted what we think was going to happen. They pretty much said they're going to do, they're going to really try to do away with the distribution model. So those big Distributors might be in trouble. I think they're going to be direct to Consumer, but I also think Fanatics wants to get it. Want to, you know, hit the, how do you already is mainstream, but I think they want to make it even more.

<span;>For so, we're no matter like you brought up a good point. Maybe you will see it in the store that we're currently. Not seen cards right now, but eventually we will and you know, I am an LCS guy is a former LCS owner. I hope I don't believe I think they're going to be fine with fanatics. But you know, I hope that is the case because that they have a place in my heart as a former owner. And I think it's a yeah, you should be able to Walk into a card store. I know you even did some content would go into cars or there's something about own in the car store and having conversations with fellow hobbyists. The store owner in themselves buying cards, looking at cards with something that is you know, sure it's fun to buy stuff online to I get it I do it but there's something about those in-person transactions. The cards store cards show. I think it is a lot of smart people that work at Fanatics. They're going to

<span;>They know that I think the model is going to be favorable to card stores and the sure hope it will be if I'm a distributor, not so much. I think that's that's where Fanatics is going to look to eliminate that we could do a whole show on why I think the most people in the hobby can kind of figure out some price gouging, some only product bag, wait, until the height goes up and then that sort of thing Fanatics saw that even even though. They weren't in the hobby officially. They did have some card dealings and collaborations. I think they took notice and you know, they they paid a lot of money for the licensing. They're going to want to get your going to want to get those Fanatics cards out there in the hands of as many people as they can. I think you drove that long but your point I just hope I guess my fear Anthony, I don't say fear. I guess my hope is they don't they do it in the

<span;>It's just that I know they're going to, you know, he got your Flagship Brands, where there's going to be a lot more Deuce. I just hope everything's just not always mass-produced. Where, you know, I'm not saying I just in the hobby, for four values or what stuff is worth or goes for, but then as a factor, I think when you when you're when you're bunking down your hard-earned money to write, you want to lie. So yeah. Now feel like, hey, I got a chance like worst case scenario if I ever I have to sell some of this, I'll be all right, and I just hope they find that sort of that balance where they can they can produce enough stuff to make it work for well. They're a business that just bought a license. I get it. But not go too far and tipped the scales, where he wears a negative reaction for a lot of smart people there. I'm going to, I use the term cautiously optimistic. That that will be all right, but we're going to see. I

<span;>I've said I think the next two to five years I'm going to really lay down the groundwork for what the next ten or Twenty are really going to be like going to set the tone in the next two to five. And we'll know we'll know here soon with the with the actions isshin of tops kind of maybe what you're thinking and we'll see if there are any further Acquisitions or not. I don't think they're done buying different things up and we'll have to see you know, where they're going to put their money. Then, you know, that's that's the one thing for me. Anthony that I enjoy with the hobby is watching all this stuff and seeing what's going to be going to be next. You know, there's they have been a Slaughter, there's things I thought I'd never see, right, you know, I remember as a kid, you know opening packs with my friends and they have their bags are my bags and maybe they were done open in the back. That I wasn't done. Open the mind and they'd be like, John. Let me open some your backside. Be like no, you open.

<span;>To open our boxes or cases and bags for us and then just mail us whatever we're going to heaven that those bags and just if you want to told me years ago, that would have been the thing. I would have thought your nuts. But here we are. Let's go me and at peace.

<span;>Really got into the top shots. Or, you know, any of like the craze, like, I've always wanted to look, I don't, buddy of mine, who doesn't really do, you know, head of T content, but he would go live doing his top truck back openings and like, so I would go watch him and of the whole that's kind of cool, but I don't really get it like, you know, man, he's like a video of a guy doing something but it's works. Like I told the money, I just, you know, made it. So outside of that. That's really the only experience with Them I have currently but you know, I'm not against getting an FPS, you know, tomorrow just need a little more education before I, you know, probably delve into, you know, investing in them and stuff like that. Yeah, good for someone like me. That's a little old school in the terrain. Can be a little scary. I'm more, like I said, touchy-feely I got to be out with a so it's not my thing, but I guess you can't. I guess it's easy to not get before.

<span;>9:08 PM
<span;>Not knowing kind of had it that much. I'm not gonna enjoy this and not really knowing the landscape is sort of an easy decision for me to say, you know, what, not my thing. I do fractional shares. I think, you know, someone would say what John, how do you do fractional shares? And you know, you never going to have that you might own a small part of that or percentage of that card, but you never going to have the card itself, but my answer to that is that card exist. I mean, never physically. Have it in my possession, when I own a small part of it just like sort of like stocks, right by stopping a small piece of whatever company that stock is this representative of. So, I don't know people like to compare sort of fractions that the I don't you as the same kind of your thoughts on effect, you know of or in kind of what do you know? How do you view those? I haven't just because like honestly like full transparency. Like I don't have the type of money that I'm investing unlikely.

<span;>But like, as far as like, Michael Jordan rookie, he's anything like that. Like, I have LeBron rookies, but he's also Cavalier. So like, I don't have like when it was affordable. So, for the most part like, you know, I guess I might have some stuff that's pretty cool. But like anything that would be worth fractional izing is just like completely outside of my

<span;>My price range right now, but hopefully one day I'll be able to afford the whole damn thing.

<span;>A small percentage. It's kind of fun. Some of the sun will look at think about right, going to hear from one of our great sponsors. But right after that, we'll be right back with more work experience. This sports car and shot is your small town, local card, shop with a global reach located in New Buffalo MI, Michigan. The shop is one of the most accessible in the midwest. In addition to being an authorized Panini direct dealer, the sports card shop, carries all major, trading card brands. Including Tops Upper Deck, Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh. And more with all that new wax a half million singles and showcases full of grated cards. You're sure to find something great for your collection, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned collector, the sports card shop is your One-Stop shop. So call us. Come see us or visit us on the web and social media. Our phone number is two six nine four, six nine zero, one four. Zero website is the sports card shop at

<span;>Co.com. The sports car and shot is part of the Moko. Retail Group connecting Sports The Hobby and people around the world. We are back with Anthony, but I want to get into TGT Grady. You're part of that it sits right now. You're from Pittsburgh, like you said, but you're now in California, kind of how did this all kind of, you know, how did this all? Give us some of the time left how this all went down for you? Sure. So this this actually all started via YouTube, believe it or not. So again, like I said, I used to do a lot of group submitting and stuff like that.

<span;>And CSG forged found it. Like a lot of their Beckett staff was going over there XYZ. So I'd started groups have been in for CSG because I can get slabs, obviously, done much cheaper through them. Then I was through some of the other companies that whatnot, and they were a knowledgeable great company because it was coming from Beckett. Plus they had the track record of comic books and other stuff too. So

<span;>One of those live streams where I was just live, going through a stack of cards to people sent in, and I was going over kind of seeing what the Flop which ones have claws. Look, Applause were. And if I thought that, that kicked it out of being a 9, because most of a client's wife died and higher with their stuff. So I would go through kind of pre grade, the cards to kind of just determine what I thought they were. So as I'm doing this live, He's like, wow, this guy's actually kind of knows what he's talking about. So like he brought me in for like an interview and kind of like one thing led to another and you know, TT became the thing. So it's just a, basically, an idea that we had. You know, why the idea for me was as a group submitter sending to all these different companies and getting multiple grades back. It's like, well, how why like, what are they looking at what, you know, so like the whole thing for us was one,

<span;>Just be the only company that actually says. Hey, look, here's how the sausage is made. Like this is literally your grade and why we gave it to quick like a detailed explanation. So like that was literally what it was. It was just like four guys that came together myself. Alex Chef Marte has been my best friend since I was like a little kid and Drew who's A from Kentucky we got together and we were able to basically just start this thing like blue bootstrapping it. And yeah, sometimes fly by the seat of your pants, right, but sometimes that's sometimes that's the best way. Sometimes it works out to be the best way. California. A little bit different than Pittsburgh is of someone's been prepared. A lot of times, talk about sort of that move, you know, culturally and mindset wise has it been the transition? Has it been difficult. Do you like California? I mean, I'm sure you had your like it, but just kind of talk about the differences.

<span;>You know, like you said, born and raised in Pittsburgh and now on the west coast. Sure. Yeah. So yeah, I love it out here. Thus far, the weather's. Wonderful. I'm so used to, like, even when it's nice and Pittsburgh. It's like schizophrenic, whether to wear, like it's real nice, one minute, but then next thing, you know, it's either raining or snowing like it's like the weirdest thing but like, the weather there is so schizophrenic evil when it's supposed to be nice. So in the winter being like in shorts, and a t-shirt is like awesome.

<span;>Is right now like in Pittsburgh, it's like freezing. So that's nice. The biggest shock for me really was just honestly it was the homelessness that kind of threw me off because I live in Hollywood. So like I live like a block off of like the Walk of Fame that like they do all the red carpets on and like all that stuff. So you think of like Glitz and glamour, we think Hollywood but like, literally all down the Walk of Fame and like nothing. It's like all those people because I used To before I got into this used to work with the homeless people, but like literally it looks like human beings have been littered on the on the sidewalk, you know tense and just sleeping bags. Like it, it breaks my heart, you know, and maybe because like in Pittsburgh, you see homeless people. But like you don't see like a sheer quantity of them like, like LAX, you know, demand. It's probably just because there's a lot more people here than there is in Pittsburgh. And the fact that it's a lot warmer here, you know, because in Pittsburgh, it's a

<span;>Harder to be homeless than it is, you know there. Because unfortunately if you're almost in Pittsburgh through winter like this, you might not make it. Yeah, I mean, yeah, it's coffin. And you know, I would I feel the same way. I'm like I said, I've heard you from New York city. So very similar there yet, you know, you like to help everybody. If you could and it's tough, it's tough to see and, you know, everyone's around, you know, some of it self-inflicted. Some of them might be a lot of it is that it's not my job to do. Decipher that sad to see someone in that kind of predicament. How cuff of a decision wasn't it to make the move. Was it something that was an easy call to make? And if you have to think about it, talk about that for me. It was semi semi easy. Just in the sense that really, the only thing I really had in Pittsburgh. Keep me there's my mom and she's getting close to the age of retirement. She can retire and come to the sunny, California.

<span;>You know, I love Pittsburgh. It'll always be my home. Like I'll go there, you know, several times. But I mean, it's just I've said this a lot lately and the opportunities that are in California like in Los Angeles more so than Pittsburgh. It's just drastically better. You know, I mean, there's a lot more resources. There's just like I put it this way, like the people who are the best of the best at technology and Innovation at. Like all of the things that I feel my heart TGT should be like they're located in Los Angeles, New York, like the Mets, the Mets.

<span;>Yeah, I mean so a lot of the growth that we couldn't experience just being regionally located, the Pittsburgh now that we have another office on the west coast. There's like a lot more opportunities for us, like, in a sense that like we leave even made several like really awesome contact just since being out here. Yeah, but I think another thing too is our CEOs always lived in La. So it's we he's kind of been steering the ship from Los Angeles this whole time. So it only really made sense to like have time in office work. Allen was located as well. Yeah, we talked about that. Habeeboo Anthony, you know, we've seen a lot new, a lot of new grading companies, kind of come out a lot. Obviously, you got your bigger ones with most people know who those are talking about the difficulties of sort of, you know, there's plenty of cards to go around. Don't get me wrong, but to compete in that space, as sort of a new brand as new, you know, grading.

<span;>Talk about some of the, how do you do it? I guess Norway. The just ask you outright. Like, how do you go about dear? Then? It's very hard. And one thing I say all the time because like I meet a lot of people at like card shows because I honestly if there's a guard shall be there. So I've met a lot of people that are even in like, say, oh, there's writing companies like newer ones that are just like upstarts of those. Hey, man, like, I know you're not supposed to tell me since you're technically Foundation, but the way I look at it, like when we first started, And we were running into so many issues with our press and the way we got it working because like the one we started with was from China. So like literally the instruction manuals in Chinese, the way we got it. Sorted with, we went on Instagram to every Grading Company we could find and be like, hey, do you use this kind of ultrasonic welder, you know what I mean? And luckily, one of those companies answered. Yes, we do. And we were able to figure it out. So like any time

<span;>9:20 PM
<span;>Anything like that, like I never hesitate to just step out and to share kind of what we've learned. But I really think the one thing that I tell every single person has ever asked me this, if you're going to be a new Grading Company, you need to do something that other grading companies don't do. We need to innovate somewhere because if not, you're just the same thing because early on when we were first advertising for TGT, the biggest feedback we got because we do Custom labels is you're just a ripoff of hga but without like actually looking into, kind of like what we do. We just, you know, people just would discount over. These guys are just trying to be. HG are just trying to be X, Y or Z, and pretty much any any any company that steps into this space. They have to realize that it's already a Prejudice field where people are already like. All right. PSA is Top Dog, you know Beckett as she see, I guess they're okay, but for the most part, like most people are like towards like the big

<span;>Is what I understand, like if you're looking to get the most bang for your buck and resale value right now, that's the way to go, you know, any man, but the big thing is there's other people that are also looking for service through a turnaround time. So if you can meet the needs that people were or looking to have met and no one else is meeting them. People will come to you to have those needs met. Yeah, so that was kind of what our Niche was was. Well, why don't we just show them how we grid? The gardens, you know, it made because internally we have to share this. Anyway, you know, it make us we have to give accountability for why we greater cards the way we do. So before we release a card or graders have to, you know, we we approve that are graders, right? So with that, being the case, why don't you share the same thing? They share with us with the customer. So those kind of how everything started? Yeah, don't get me going and hga. I'm not a big fan of them. And so I will tell you don't don't be, don't be like

<span;>But that's a show in itself in here from one of our great sponsors, but we'll be right back after that class time. Marketplace has a line of braided card cases that are waterproof airtight dust tight and hard need to protect and organize your valuable collection. Each of our cases come with pre-cut and preformed foam so you don't have to cut and tear the foam when you get your case. The pre-cut foam inserts are sized to hold PSA Beckett, SGC and CGS slabs. Throw it all safely and securely with a case from Pastime Marketplace. Check them out at www.binaryforecast.com.

<span;>Sports car nation has returned with Vicksburg. You talk about any difficulties, you know, we hear some supply issues with with with cargo kind of being stranded or has that affected what TG does that all and but inside track to you whatsoever or no? No, the only real issue we've had. There has been a plastic shortage that I know has affected. Most of the major grading companies. It only affected us on a major scale just because we are mixed.

<span;>In a minor scale because we do like probably a fraction of what PSA or any of those other guys do. But yeah, I know did it hasn't really, you know, if there's a whole lot but we have seen like a plastic shortage be something but amongst the industry being pretty prevalent, you know, in fact, other companies have actually had to change the type of plastic they've used or sub that out for like an acrylic or something like that. So like that has been sort of an issue. But as of right now, it hasn't really affected us and we actually Have a brand new slab that is in the process of being developed right now. That is American made and with materials that are very easily sourced. So should I be? Shouldn't be an issue button forward? Yeah, that's a good thing to, you know, to get onto a lot of people like to buy American-made stuff. So that'll be that'll be a feather in your cap as well. What is your at right now? I'll put you on the spot. What, what is your average turnaround time?

<span;>I mean obviously it's just you know approximate but what generally someone males their cards tjt one can expect to see him, you know graded and back in their hand. So according to our website. It's 30 to 40 days business days, but officially it now that we're in Los Angeles. It's a lot faster than that. The only time we actually like had any issue with turnaround times is when we did the boat because the moving company that picked up our Just took almost a month to get it. But luckily we were cooking so quick in Pittsburgh that by the time the stuff go out there. We still had like a week or two before people survive skin. So we're pretty or pretty quick. But then again keeping my word operating two hundred thousand cars a week. Like you can say, is he is yeah, I hear you. Well, we had 200,000, we might be a little slower but a little light-hearted. Quarterback 2022. We think man. I'm hoping they're going to pick up a free agent because I can't go another year of Mason Rudolph like that the hairs on my head. It is three guys. I think when they drafted him, obviously they think they thought he was more than what they got. I really will be disappointed if that's the starter on the front, you know, when the season officially starts and you know, I to me, yeah, I mean why sign has his if you're not at least going to give them an opportunity. But like you I think free agent route, maybe even a trade, you know, you've heard Jimmy, Geez name be mentioned, you know, another guy but there's names. Heated up is lately, as Carson Wentz. That's my son. Who's 22 was also a huge deal of friend like me, but saying he thinks it's going to wind up being went. I'm not even opposed to do a mixture of Biscay was actually born in Chicago. It's just, they weren't a fan of them and you know, struggled at different times, but

<span;>I'll say this without knowing what we have and has kids, you know, the this time in Washington was was very short and it's hard to really gauge anything from that. So we're kind of taking out asking, you know, I even attributes key would be better than anything we have right now. And, you know, I wouldn't be opposed to that but like you, you took the words right? Out of my mouth. I don't think we can go in to the season with With, you know, Rudolph and just Rudolph and asking Kevin kohlberg said that won't be the case. Who that other guy is whether it's someone from the draft. I know, they, they like Malik Willis out of Liberty, but I don't never know. Anyway, they're gonna probably get him as they going to have to move up. I don't know. And then I don't even know if they're going to be able to. So I wouldn't count on Willis as much as they like, that's another thing for it does Aunt, Tiana, how you feel? They always sort of tip their hand.

<span;>They like it guy, they like, they scream it from the mountains. We love Wellness. Well, you know, that's, you know, if you know anything about drafts like you don't want everyone in their mother to know, like who you're kind of looking at. Like you got to keep that close to your vest. And so I don't know if they get a Willis or Kenny pick it out of Pittsburgh. That's how we didn't get Darrelle Revis that one year that they kind of shot themselves. Elves in the foot on that. I don't know why they do that, you know, they're one of the few teams and you know, I that has I'm sure they're not the only one but you know, I always you know, what teams like, oh, we love this guy lifetime did usually a smokescreen you're trying to make people think you really and you're looking some other way Pittsburgh smoker. It was just reverse ecology, but doesn't really fool anybody. So I don't know if it's going to be a court. I don't know if they're going to get, you know,

<span;>First round quarterback, maybe a Matt Correll is, you know, it's not a great quarterback class this year. A lot of question marks more than past years. So I think it like you said, I think going out there and getting the fun of an established starter when I didn't G, true piske, even Carson Wentz, you know, I know, I know the last playoff game, he was terrible with the cold, but if you look at the year, he had, he had a very remote area.

<span;>Conqueror of a game. He had a pretty good piece. So I'm not opposed to whence. I'm not saying, you know, whence for 10 years. But until we get that next franchise guy that without this burger, Lee was, yeah, I know. But, you know, they have talent like they've got to decide either rebuild or reload. I think if they're reloading, then you go out and get a free agent quarterback. If you're rebuilding and you go, you know, with a younger draft pick, but we have TJ w. You know on your defense, I think you got to go for it now. And so I hope they I hope they make some good decisions. They and for the first time in a long time, right? We got we got cap space, 30 million dollars. That's a that's a place of Steeler fans though. We I can't even remember the last time we had that kind of mine probably wa</span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>