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Aug. 26, 2022

Ep.194 w/ Shane Norton of Sports Card Nobody

Ep.194 w/ Shane Norton of Sports Card Nobody

Shane Norton is a father, husband, collector and content Creator. His genuineness comes across on his show and on this episode. Topics include balance, content creation, enjoy what you collect and the National plus more!

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Shane Norton is a father, husband, collector and content Creator. His genuineness comes across on his show and on this episode. Topics include balance, content creation, enjoy what you collect and the National plus more!

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10:08 PM
What is up episode 194 Sports coordination? You know, I always say I try to have good sincere people on the show and I think for the most part, I do a pretty good job with that. And today I think no exception, he's a podcast host in his own. Right? The show is sports card. Nobody. We're going to find what the nobody is all about and my guest today is Shane Norton, the host of Sports Car. Nobody what I like about Shane is what I just said, right? He's honest, he's sincere calls it. Like he sees it, you know, he covers a variety of topics on the show but you know, He he'll say Hey you know I don't live in that space and I'm not going to pretend to and just just like the way he handles business and listening to that show and I reached out to him and I've gotten to know him. I met him in Atlantic City and I'm like, you got to come on the podcast. So he's going to make his Sports coordination debut today and happy to have him on the show. 

Sports cars Nation. Time for our hobby is the people answer of the week. 

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Real happy. My next guest on these sports card shop at Moco guess line. He's a fellow content creator and podcaster from the sports card. No bear buddy, sports car, nobody podcast, Shane Norton welcome. Thanks so much John I really really appreciate you having me on and holy moly. Is that intro? Epic that was fantastic. Like I tell everyone after the intro it then it goes downhill. Hey you know what? Attention right off the top and let it carry you through. Fantastic stuff. Well I appreciate that. Welcome to the show. I I know I got to meet you at the national for the first time. We'll talk about that shorter coming up during the conversation about you know, CA Joe kind of you know standard podcast question kind of, you know, your hobby background, how it all started for your kind of, you know, where you started, and where you are. Now that kind of Timeline question. Yeah. Totally. I mean, you're not lying. That is like the yeah. It's like they the trophies days with other different conversations we have with so many different people in the hobby but happy to talk about it. Well, tell them the story because up, you know, I'm really unique. You know, I collect you. When I was a kid, then I stopped and I came back. Nothing special about me that no, you know, like, everybody are like a lot of us when I was a kid. I mean, I've always been a collector, I've collected everything, I've collected comic books, I've collected action, 

Is collected pogs. When I was a kid, you know, I don't I don't remember a time in my Could I just wasn't attracted to the act of collecting stuff, for whatever reason and we just was a kid. I collected all different types of cards. I had this one binder that was that was filled with baseball cards and Marvel cards and specifically, I had the Marvel series 4 cards which when you put them all together in the 99 card sheets, it created like a big giant picture and that whole thing got stolen from me and that was that A little bit of Trauma from my card hobby or card passive never quite gotten over. But so yeah, you know I collected all the way up until for sure until High School. Like a lot of us started getting other things. I never stopped collecting in general, but I stopped collecting cards specifically. But then you know, fast forward to 2018. I was going to I was marrying, my wife. My my amazing wife and I wanted to get her a it said kind of no gifts. 

For the wedding for each other. But I said, I still kind of want to get her something. So I got her tickets to a game in Los Angeles, we lived in. L.a. at the time when the Packers were coming in town, at least the ranch, and she's a Packers fan. So I decided by your tickets yesterday. Be in town, but the tickets were going to arrive. By the time we were getting married. You know, the tickets get released later on whenever you actually get them in hand. So up until the morning of my wedding, I really didn't know how I was going to present this gift to my wife, you know, I had a bunch of silly ideas in my head but finally, Like the night before. I had this idea that I thought was pretty cool, so I woke up the day of my wedding and I went to a local Target or Walmart, whatever it is and you know back then it was a lot easier to find cards on the shelves and I think it's getting better now, which is great. But I grabbed a whole bunch of packs and what I was looking for was an Aaron Rodgers, any Aaron, Rogers, and Todd. Gurley at that time, I didn't know anything about what the card Market becomes since I was a kid. So I grabbed a whole bunch of packs, maybe you're an entire box, I didn't want to buy them all, just to get the two. 

Cards that I wanted. So I went up to the customer service desk and I went up to woman there and I said I tried to explain everything. Listen, trying to look for just these two cards. Is it? Okay if I just open these and then not, you know it, when we find the cards, I'll just pay for everything I open. And she was looking at me real side. I totally not understand what I'm trying to say. Her manager comes over like no, you can't do that. So I try to reverse the gals. I got it was, I'm getting married in a couple of hours and this is my idea. I just look, I just want it. Soon. As I said the wedding they're like, oh yeah, well we're happy to help. So then they were opening up packs with me. We're just like, ripping over whoever packs quickly shuffling through looking for an Aaron Rogers and Todd Gurley card, finally found them to pay for every pack that I had ripped open and I took those two cars and I basically wrote a nice little letter saying, whatever, go to the game and attach those to the letter. And those are kind of like the the tickets that I didn't have in hand. So that was my way of representing it. So now the wedding goes great. Everything's awesome. Stacy. Look, the 

Love that the lighter in the cards are at. Love the tickets and whatnot, but when the wedding was over and we were packing up and we're getting ready to leave. I kept those cards because I had, I had some success in my face. He Football League that, I'm pretty serious about Todd. Gurley was actually a key player to me winning my first championship. It was my second. I forget there were so many, but I decided to keep it to kind of represent that moment in my face, you football thing. So then that became me curious about other cards. So I Started. I went out going to David Johnson card, really low-end stuff Spore, you know, retail stuff. Nothing crazy. So I know couple of blocks are spending. These cars, they bought Christian McCaffrey at some point to. But then that opened up the floodgates right now, I start investigating, can I get something a little bit cooler realize oh there's like a rookie patch Autos. I can get it. These guys that are a little still lower level and only paying 30 to 60 bucks for them. You know, a little bit more money than I expected to spend for a card. But so that's kind of what really open that. 

Internet. And then in 2019, I decided to start by a baseball cards. The Dodgers were doing really well. Made huge Dodgers fan, and, and then it really became like I was really kind of Dipping my toes in and then like a lot of people when the pandemic it I kind of was like, okay, like I've been doing this but on a low-level kind of scratching the surface and I decided to really just started going all in on it and it just became what it became like it has for so many people. Yeah, that's awesome. I love the story with the Eating. But once you've mentioned the word wedding, it's funny how people's Either. Yeah, in Shane's he's probably just say I should have probably said that right after job but it was just with a little smoother ride, putting the cool cool thing to do and without having the tickets and handed, who knew, then write that it was gonna sort of like those fires once again, and obviously then were baseball and being a Dodger fan and and you know, and here we are in 2022 and you're in the car content creation. Had you launched sports card. Nobody in November of twenty Twenty-One. I got to ask you if you've explained it. I apologize. I didn't hear the explanation, but why the term nobody? Because I'm before you answer, you know, I believe everybody is somebody to have a, I don't care where your collection is from, from high-end to quarter cards is it doesn't know we're all in the same hobby. I kind of I think I know what you're going to say but I wanted to get it. 

Straight from, from The Source why? When you were coming up with the name of the show, you know, how did the nobody nobody part come about. Yeah. Yeah. I so really what happened was when I was diving in deeper and really trying to educate myself a little bit more like a lot of people especially in this day and age, first thing I'm doing is hitting up YouTube. You know, I'm Googling finding content creators, who are talking about this stuff and trying to trying to see what's what and what I You know, I think a lot of folks, I came across the board card investor who makes a, you know, a ton of content on a high quality content, but his show coupled with a bunch of others. Actually. I mean, it wasn't just him but what I realized was these folks were really playing at a level that was completely unattainable to me. So and one of the big sort of like catalysts for me wanting to start my own content and where the actual title came from, was there. 

10:19 PM
Traver Jeff was was making a trade. I think at the it might have been at the national not this previous year out of sleep with the year before they could have been a different show doesn't matter, but he was making a tree. That was that amounted to something like twenty thousand dollars worth of cards exchanging hands. And I saw that it was just to me was wild. I mean that is like an insanely different level and it was hard to find stuff and voices of folks who really kind of like me cared more about the collective. Aside, I collect to collect because I like the stories. I talk about this all the time. I'm trying to express a part of myself. You know, I'm trying to form this little silly cardboard story with my collection. You come in here, and you see my Sandy Koufax, you see my Bret Hart stuff? See, Mookie Betts stuff. You start to get some sort of a picture about things that I enjoy things that I might somewhat defined myself by even though they're not that important. You know, I'm a dad first and all those sorts of things. But, you know, these little parts of myself that I'm expressing these passions that I have, it really felt like 

Most of the content that I was coming across. That time was more garnered towards the investment and the flip flipping side and that's great. I mean, that's huge, I mean there's a huge market for that. It is a driving factor of why the heart about a hobby can get to where the levels. It gets too, but it just wasn't me. So as I started to think about creating my own content and things that I was hoping to talk about the way I was going to hope to eventually shake myself. You know, I had to at that time, I had no idea how to find my voice, although, you know anything, 

Nature. But you know it just I wanted to differentiate myself. I wasn't going to be an investor. I wasn't going to be a flipping voice and those were things I was going to go after what I really wanted to go after it was education for myself, I say this quite a bit to work. I started the content selfishly. I just want to force myself to get even deeper than I had. I want to force myself to kind of come out of even the little shells that I can be and I want to talk to people, I want to reach out to folks and have them show or like this once. And you're talking really start to get smarter about the hobby. Start to figure out the things that really matter to me in the hobby. So that way to differentiate myself, sort of became kind of a nobody compared to these folks. And that's fine own that enjoy it, make it bright and colorful and be the nobody, that that is having fun, and still enjoying this. And maybe become a voice of at some point for folks who look at some of those other content creators, 

And think to themselves. That's not real. Well, listen, my advice, I get it. And I appreciate you and like it makes sense. Kind of way you explained it, right? And and what do you know the that that lower end if you want to call it that or the or the regular transactions and of those are the majority, really, okay. You know what I mean? That those high-end deals, while they are important to the Hobby and they are part of the fuel, that makes the car go. It's A smaller percentage over also. I think, you know the the area you know, and I'll include myself that we're sort of in now, I bought expensive cards, but more often than that, they're going to be under four figures. You know, I usually the Nationals where I buy one or two cards over four figures, if that and that's sort of what I look forward to Nashville, but most of the year, you know, under the for figure Mark, whether it be selling or buying wood, Exceptions here and there. And I think that's the, the bigger part of the hobby. Sure, she doesn't grab as many, the headlines as a man. Oh, that's about the self or, you know, over in 10 million dollars. But those, those transactions are far less. They make more news, but they're far less of them than the everyday, trinette transactions, that most of us make. So, I get the play on words with nobody, but as far as I'm concerned, you're somebody, I'm sure a lot of Two other people. Feel the same way I get it as part of the show title and I know it's tongue-in-cheek but you know, I went out all that facets of the happy, whether it be high end deals and your Everyday deals, you know, they're all important to the fabric of the hobby 222 with going forward and probably even more. So now with some of the market Corrections and prices sort of resetting, and 

I think it's all the more important. But that I get it going to step aside for a real quick break but we'll be right back with more with Shane iron sports cards. Is your number one source for all your PSA and other grading submissions, their Elite status improves, turnaround times. Heck they even provide the card Savers, their chat rooms provide updates on all your submissions. They also offer wax options and single cards to cover, all the bases. Check them out on Facebook, at iron sports cards group, or on the web at iron sports cards.com, or even give them a call at. 877 iro, n. PS. A-- Rob's got you covered. Both Carnation is back with more with Shane Norton. You touch on something. I was going to calculate that Drew me to you and in your show is you know and I try to be like that as I try to be like myself. Sure do. I am myself and I you know, I think that's the people can tell when someone's being genuine and someone's being you know kind of Phony issuer or stick or you know maybe even playing a role almost like an actor. And like I said, why don't I try? Just be myself some people made love the show and some people, they may not be a big fan but one thing they can never criticize me for is not being genuine. Even if you don't like the show or whatever, you know, your show, I feel is fits this narrative to is where ourselves right in. Other side one likes us or doesn't like us and hopefully he likes us and yeah I think that is the majority that the case but no one can say hey this person's you know playing a role dry it you know just trying to get clicks and downloads and not really standing behind what they say and that I could tell her lie I want you from the from the first episode I heard it and that's really I hate to say it like this. Yeah, I don't know, I think It was the norm at one point, but I think because there's so much content out there that sometimes I think new was shows try to you know, they're trying their fight off competition. I hate to put it, you know, I got it and 2018 when there was a lot less shows and I guess it was easier for me to be myself because it was listen. Listen, let's be honest. Less people swimming in the water. Sure, I had exact application, but I think if I was the star of the show now now, 

Still pee myself because that's just how I was brought up. But I think for certain other people jumping in the pool as I like to say, I think it's dead it's difficult and so they're trying to stand out and sometimes you know the content they try to do it through content for posturing or what have you. So the folks at do it, what? I kind of deem the right way. In my opinion those are the ones that stand out to me especially now Because I think a lot of, its kind of a lot of, how do I say it a lot, but some of its smoking there. I don't want to sure, you know, paint everyone with the same brush, but I think some of us just for clicks and, you know, sort of playing a role. And I know you don't do that. I don't do that. And I think, I think people appreciate that. I know, I've gotten compliments that page on one of the things I love is yet. I know you're being you and I don't have 

You know, he was, I don't agree. You know, I've had people say, I don't necessarily agree with everything you say, but I also know you, you, you know, you believe in what you're talking about, that? That's your opinion. I don't have to second-guess you. If you're just saying that for the shock value of it or, you know, to, you know, for the sake of saying and so, yeah. You know, I have something I picked up your Vibe very early, I think I think genuine is genuine. This goes A long way, I think, I think, most people appreciate it, you know, I think most people who are genuine themselves are true to themselves. Appreciate when others are like that, you got that other fact, you know the other segments that, you know, maybe maybe not, but it is it to each their own. Yeah, as they say, what made what made you launch boat? You know, what was it that said, hey, I can, I want to do this and I can do this. What was 

Kind of the factor that I'll set the wheels in motion there. So I mean, I've always my career is sort of based in more traditional content creation, I work in television. So, I've been involved with content creation, you know, for a very long time. Now, since college and, you know, 15 years of my career, this point. So I kind of know, you know, a little bit of what it takes to make something that produce something. So once, you know, I've always wanted to get more involved with my own, my own creativity, my Own expression of myself, you know, except I'm a television and that's usually other people's stories. I'm telling you and I always had an interest in doing something for myself. It was always a matter of finding something that I was passionate enough about to really go after and make, you know, constant consistent content around. So once the cards really started to take over with my ha being because I like I said, I mean, I've collected so many different things and once this became the Forefront of what I 

I want to give my all to and I realized in from what I've seen at the time that there was definitely a hole in the content creation that I thought I could fill it just kind of makes sense to give it a shot. You know, I enjoy it, I love the cars and love this hobby, so I give me an excuse to talk about it again, to force myself to get deeper into it. So that's really where that came from, which is kind of like my own sort of background in more traditional content creation, but to touch on something you said to I mean, it completely agree. 

10:30 PM
That being In any aspect, right? But when it comes to the content creation, what are the tough parts to is, not only trying to remain authentic, but trying not to be overly influenced and you're right. There's so many different shows and so many different units, YouTube podcast. There's so many different Avenues and all these things can really start to shape the way you go about something, even if you don't realize, or if it's intentional, and it's even true with are collecting, right? We talk about audio so many different creators, talk all the time out. 

Really trying to drown out the noise and don't collect what other people are telling you to collect. You know, try to find the lane that's important to you. Try to find the cards that tells your story, or whatever it is that you like, and that's important. I think that early on when I first started you, I first started with a YouTube channel that was because television is more up by my lane. And as I was trying to figure out what that was and the different things I wanted to cover, it was tough, not to be influenced by, Other other content creators and I didn't have the time to keep up with the YouTube channel because the way that I run into producing, it was just too time consuming and that eventually evolved itself in the podcast and it took some time and you know I'm only 35 36 episodes in or whatever. I'm at now I'm still trying to find my own voice. So trying to figure out the way that I want to come across every episode and figure out the stories that I want to tell. It's, it's sort of an evolving thing as you continue to do it charging. 

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Another thing, I appreciate, you know, you have younger kids and you try to, you know, you mentioned being a dad first, which is as a dad I appreciate that. My son's older at 22 now 18 when I kind of started the show, but I appreciate that. You know, this this hobby I think you kind of know where I'm going here and you might agree, right? Consume you. If you let it, I see a lot of, you know, I don't want to say a lot, but some content creators, you know, I've seen them the, you know, when they kind of first started and they, you know, post pictures of their family and different things they were doing and then as their shows, kind of took off like many. Do you see? Less of that? They've just all cards and whatnot. I'm not trying to say they're bad, parents or or whatnot. But the hobby store. Sorted. The Hobbies on a monster and itself that can kind of overwhelm and consume you. I've had dealer friends of mine, even a non-contact creation, but I've had the dealer friended to get divorced just because they were traveling. So much on a show circuit and literally there guys I would set up with and I could see the progression where their relationship was starting to deteriorate Ike. I think that can happen. We've seen it happen. 

And in content creation. We've seen divorces in the space where I'm not saying a show in itself, is the only reason why but I'm sure that's one of the factors as people can grow apart, but one thing I love with that you do Shane is yet. You talk about being a dad, you talk about your kids. We shared a hobby as much as you can with and you know, and like you said, you put your family first and the end even with an older son. In my case, you know, I still have a wife and I still gotta responsibilities the to, you know, honor and live up to. And so it is a balance with what we do and I think you're, you know, you do a decent job with it. I think I do at least my wife at this point says, I do. So there was there was even a stretch with this show. Shane, I've talked about it on this show, there was a stretch, I'd say, you know, knee up between like the episodes, you know, 4050. Sixty where I was doing like so, Like, everyday with it, you know, where my wife even made a comment at that time. Oh, nice to see you. Let's go downstairs. You know, she was, you know, 

Dive in there, head first. And I'm not seeing you as much and bye-bye and it sometimes you don't even know it until someone else you know just makes you aware. I think the message was sent we got on the same page. I think with a problem can happens is when that message is sent and you don't receive it or you don't care about veracity and I think you do you know kind of speak to the balance of short. You know. I know you'd like you said you did it. When it becomes even more than you real job. But you can sort of your hobby where you start your own show and being a dad and a husband. Talk about the balance and they need something times of difficulties of that either. Yeah, I well, I mean, you know, not to try to give advice about like being married. I mean, every relationship is different. Every, you know, everyone's going to find what works for them, but nothing original what I'm about to say. But the most Important thing really comes down to communication, and with my hobby and you know, whether it's the content creation or the actual collecting of the cards themselves, I'm really I talked to my wife about it, a lot, I I asked her opinion. I asked her, you know, a lot about our schedules especially when it comes to trying to schedule interviews, you know, like you and I took some time to actually get this time and date lockdown, because I got to make sure it works with my family and the things that I've already. Committed to. So I really am open with every day. I'm never, I see these posts a lot and I hear people say like, and if my wife only knew what I was spending on this car, if my wife knew what they do and that's never me. You know, my wife isn't where she just. She mean a she, trusts me that I'm not I'm not spending too much money and, you know, she actually doesn't really care. She doesn't, she doesn't care about the card she doesn't. This is the one hobby of actually told the most into that. She's the least. 

Today. And she's kind of lamented affection. Really wish you were still collecting hot toys. I like those way better. But, yeah. I mean, I talked to her. I don't schedule anything unless it, you know, unless I talk to her first, especially if it's out of the North will be the norm because my record weekly on Monday nights after my kids, go to bed so I can help too bath time or whatever it is, or it's my turn to put them. Actually put them down, you know, whatever the routine is. So once they're down on Mondays is when I can sit down and report and And I just kind of stick to that, you know, I try not to take on too much, I try to be cognizant of that. And, you know, to be honest, I mean, my time with my family means more to me than any of the other stuff. So if I'm taking time away from them and I feel it, and it's tough because, you know, the balancing isn't just, you know, there's other things. You know, I that our lives in compass, right? There's so many things going on and we get busy and sometimes. So I just really try to, you know, selfishly spend as much time with my family, as I can because I love to 

You mention about, you know, getting my kids involved with the hobby. So for those that don't know, you know those, I'm sure there's a lot more people listening. This, I've never heard of me before. I have two kids after three and a half year old, and my son turned 1. Yesterday on August 12, we're having his birthday party tomorrow. Since today is that we're actually going to get ready for that party and all that, but whatever. So, my daughter is the one that I can kind of get involved with the Hobby. And I try to find any way that I can't. I'd let her handle my cards, especially the ones that are in top loaders or slab machine. Only do so much damage to those and I let her you know, she likes to organize them, she she likes to look for the ones are the pinky purple ones that stand out to her, she likes to get grabbed and organize my Bret Hart cards. She digs that she really has fun with it. And then when there's cards that I can let her keep, you know, cards that aren't valuable that it, you know, she's going to mess him up. Whatever. It's not the end of the world, you know? I let her have a ton of cards and something that I've been doing fairly recently that I adored both times, you know? 

Little bit about sorry I'm a little bit. Strange about having pictures and video of my kids on the internet. I'm not ready for that. I want to wait till they're old enough for that to happen. So really, if you were to like go to my Facebook, you won't see any pictures when kg probably my dad, which is weird. Unless there's some times just because we can't see their faces, whatever I do, it's just how I feel more safe about the internet but on my Instagram page might, you know, sports car. Nobody Instagram handle and it's mostly part stuff. Obviously it's what It's dedicated for but twice. Now in just last night, We do the second one I've received a subdue bunch of cards to SGC to get graded. They came in and I do the review the reveals with her. I like to open them up on Instagram live. And so what I do is I just, you know, the cameras just on the car. If you see your little tiny hands come in and see, you know, I'm talking to her and try to get her to talk to the people that she doesn't even probably understand. Or you know the for people that are watching and you know, she'll flip the cards over for me and we'll see, we'll see 

10:40 PM
Amy get Whatever or not. And that's another way that I'm just trying to get her involved as much as possible. Again, whether she ever makes cards are not, I may be great if she does, but it's awesome. That I get to spend that time with. I really looked forward to that. And I didn't want to open those cards and reveal those grades until we could actually do it together. You know, it's just, it's stuff that's important to me whether it's corny or awesome or whatever it matters to me. So I make it matter on a day-to-day basis of possible. Yeah. Totally get, you know, not having them and pictures of that on film. I understand that in today's world and some of the things going on there, it makes sense. And you're not the only one. And I mean, I'm a, I'm a teacher by trade now P brightness. This, that thing and it's much, as I would love to, like, post a photo of my group of kids, we can't do that and write for for obvious reasons. So, 

I get it and and you know there's just some crazy folks out there unfortunately, and it's better to err on the side of caution. I love that you shared at the unboxing of the grading process with your daughter. Like you said, that's just her hands. Hey, I'm a butcher, you can hear her, you know, learn it will learn with you and you know, hope you know, hopefully she likes cards. As she gets older. You have your own your one year old. Son, that's you got time but I'm sure he'll, you know, maybe by osmosis, that's kind of what happened with my son that just because you're interested in it, right. Take some sort of interest you know what level remains, you know, remains to be determined and but like you said it's family first and you know you wait till your kids are sort of winding down or in bed or sleeping to start producing your program. 

I've said on this show, you know, this, the content creation sort of replaced my Varsity coaching career as I moved on from that which was actually more time-consuming than content creators. Or I have fully or not, I have more time, since I don't coach, High School, sports anymore time for a quick break but we'll be right back like the athletes. We admire the sports card shop is changing The game, we're not launching three bombing drives or heating dingers, but we have built a unique Gathering Spot for all collectors to trade cards, talk sports, play games and watch their favorite athletes on the big screens. Yes, we've partnered with panini Upper Deck, Leif Topps, Fanatics, Pokemon and others, to bring you all the latest in sealed wax and singles, but the sports card shop in New Buffalo, Michigan is much much more. Our recent expansion, brings collectible sneakers, Hot Wheels and 

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Thanks for sticking with us. Let's return to the show. Bible whiteboard, that's downstairs. In the kitchen to calendar or whiteboard, calendar, erasable calendar and like you everything anything like what it be interviews or I'm on another show or whatever the case may be. When I have something to do it's got to go on that counter and it's also like as like you would say can't interrupt anything we've already got right on to do whether it be an event or stuff around the house. Or what, what might have you 

If it can be scared Road and not interfere with anything that is important already exists, then then I can do. And I think like, you mentioned the word communication, right? You hear the old cliche right now? Communication is key but it's really so true, you know, we might hear it so much, you know, we almost don't hear it kind of fall, sure, but it really is true. Like, my wife said, listen, she's not in the cards like almost like probably like you saying with your wife. She's supportive of me and the past. I have and that was that's the only thing. She said, listen, you got an interview few schedule. We don't have anything planned, then, awesome. You know, I just don't want to, you know, have it where we, I have to cancel stuff and we had I handsome dad but it's never, you know, since we started that whiteboard, it's really freeing line that whole thing and it's made a world of difference and you know, like I said, there was a short time period where I saw the sword. Sort of, lost sight of up some things, you don't even realize it, and it's just simple fixes to that can really write that ship and get you back on the same page. And, you know, it's, you got to think about that and, and we, even if you're not like, you know, you're we're talking about content creation and in are collecting of cards, but if you worn in content creation, you know, just, you know, how far you travel for shows and or you know, how often you're not home. 

We're going to the car, all that stuff is fact, you got to balance it out and you know, that, I think it's important, I think most people do a pretty good job out food us to in that category. But you here, every once in a while you hear a story where someone did and maybe kind of, either cost them a relationship or even even after people have lost their jobs over it because they were caught, like, not doing your work and doing doing this. If they do for fun at work and you got to get your priorities right mind other set. Yeah, priority. So that's one other thing. Like I said, that's why I brought it up because I I know we've talked about it and I think it's sort of a great example of how to do it and that sort of thing. So I'm glad to sort of pick your brain there and that sort of thing. I know yet, you're you have a lot of wrestling car came to our dressing card, but you did. 

Did I hear you mention recently, sort of want to Pivot a little bit from that just kind of maybe elaborate a little bit more what you mean? There. Sure it. Well, it's funny. If people were to go to my shelf or my Instagram page, especially, you might think I only collect whistling cards and, and to, some extent that's become true. And it kind of little bit about background as, I mean, I'm a huge wrestling fan. I have been since I was a kid. I mean, I love wrestling. I take it as a phenomenal industry, phenomenal business. That is so unique and separate from any other type of entertainment that exist. Somehow, this, you know, pretend fighting this art form is just found a way to exist. And I, I just eat it up. Just none of them are not give it, give it all to me. But so the collecting of the resident card is a very genuine passion. My but really what happened was a TW and 

Folks who might not know, you know, WWE is the preeminent wrestling organization in the world and probably always will be but aw came into existence about three years ago and then it got delayed but it finally toward the start of this year. Atw first cards were coming out now I actually typically watch atw more than WWE for a lot of reasons. We don't need to get into here, but nonetheless, I was very excited for that. You know, I've been collecting my baseball cards or football credit basketball cards and was really excited that a wrestling product is coming out for a show. Oh, that I was now watching weekly and then as I started I was still discovering. You know, you kind of always do like you said, there's so many different shows. I was still discovering other content creators and I discovered stacking slabs which is hosted by Brian McGrath which is a great great show. If anybody hasn't checked it out, it's definitely worth a listen but he talks a lot about wrestling cards on there. So hearing him talk about the. We cars that he collects started to kind of open up my eyes to that, there's 

More to the wrestling aspect of the hobby that I realized and I got the aw cards and I love them, but I'm a lifelong fan. So there's a, I still love the WWE even though I watch. Ew. More often lately, you know, especially a lot of the Legends. So I started to get curious. And then I discovered, another another podcast, called Worlds, Collide was in mourning and Tony Vella. Absolutely, it's wrestling specific, that's all they talk about and it's just fantastic, just full of information. So now I realize Guys. Wow. There's there's Whole world and this whole Community, I should start getting some rest and car. So then I went down the rabbit hole and usually, after about the ew box and ripped that I had a lot of fun but I started to fall down into wanting to find things that actually meant a lot to me and Bret Hart is my all-time favorite wrestler. I'm currently wearing a Bret Hart t-shirt right now. You know, I absolutely adore Bret Hart so I started to look up different cards. I could find his 

In a couple I got is a Transcendent piece of his which is an autograph card. It's a high-end tops product that