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Feb. 10, 2023

Ep.218 w/ Tim & Chad from Pack to the Future podcast "They're back"

Ep.218 w/ Tim & Chad from Pack to the Future podcast

I'm not sure people have as much fun as Chad & Tim from the "Pack to the Future" podcast do on their show, when they announce a few months back the show was stopping, many including myself were disappointed. Guess what?? They are back on SCN to talk...

I'm not sure people have as much fun as Chad & Tim from the "Pack to the Future" podcast do on their show, when they announce a few months back the show was stopping, many including myself were disappointed. Guess what?? They are back on SCN to talk about their relaunch and some hobby topics as well.

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all right anytime I have these next two gentlemen on Sports coordination it's
always at least going to be a good time for us I don't know about anybody else but uh we're gonna have fun and like I
said they've been on before that and I want to welcome back uh Chad and Tim from plant uh Back to the Future podcast
hey thanks John and I tell you what I think we've got a pretty good goal to at least entertain one other person out
there I think we can run it well guys you know and you're back in
more ways than one right back on on this show uh having me uh uh chop it up with
you but uh you know Back to the Future is back after uh a short real short
thankfully uh Hiatus and we're gonna get into that but let's you know what pack
to the Future you started that in February 2020 uh three-man show at that
time with you two and and Ricky and you know at that point I was even two years
in myself uh self and I became a fan of your show uh as I
said then and just because you were doing things different than any other show uh out there and that's hard to do
when there's a lot of shows uh out there and just some of the stuff you're doing uh lives going to you know whether it be
a show or a card store um and then you went from from there just talk about you know
when you when you launched uh you know the podcast was was that kind of like on
the vision board per se or is it just kind of happen organically oh man there's so much to say about that
so the the start of the show actually was what Tim a year to before you and I
went to a breakfast place yeah and you know we had a running bit about brunch but honestly we went to go get Crunch
and like we were drawing out what a show would look like um just like on a little napkin a little
notepad and we didn't do anything with it for like a year a year maybe two yeah
yeah um and it's funny you say that you know the show kind of evolved into something
new and the beauty of that is when you have no clue what you're doing and that you don't know that there's
kind of like a model or a playbook for it but then you're not expected to to follow it and I think we did nothing of
the sort yeah yeah and so we we like to have fun with the Hobby and essentially
the thought was you know how do we bring the fun and the camaraderie that we have together how do we put it on the
airwaves so that other people can enjoy that as well and that's what we try to
do and you know for a lot of people it's a lot of fun and we've met some great people including yourself John
um because of that and to that point you know before we started the podcast team John I remember
listening to you you know I'd be going grocery shopping with my wife and have an earbudded and listening to your show
and kind of like nodding on like oh yeah that's a good idea and she would turn like what like oh nothing like that yeah
let's get that Apple but it's there's a whole lot
um to it from the background we certainly have loved hearing your show forever so it's a lot of fun to be able
to chat with you and be here yeah yeah I mean I still remember like you fussing around with like trying to get like the
connections for the audio to you know like uh the recording and stuff like
yeah just trying to figure out the logistics behind hooking up a soundboard to just you know a microphone we're like oh there's one cable how are we screwing
this up we're not going to tell the people that over 20 minutes late recording this because we still couldn't figure it out
you're good you're good I'm I'm just glad you're you're here let me ask you if you mentioned like kind of like sort
of writing stuff down like a year in advance before yet why why so long were
you was it trepidation what why did it take a year if you don't mind me asking
man I mean I didn't even get invited onto the show for a couple episodes [Laughter]
there's there will some debate as to whether or not Tim and I to murder each other yeah that's one way
to put it or whether or not so
it's part of it in all honesty you know with like the other side of Our
Lives we're very much regimented and it's kind of drilled into our nature just with the
work that we do that you have to do things a certain way and you have to know what you're doing before you go do it and so I don't know for you Tim but
at least for me a lot of that hesitation was let's make sure that we at least try
to know what we're doing before we do it yeah and that was certainly part of it right like you want to be prepared for
what you're doing but you can probably go back and listen to our first season or like first six months we were just
toying with every idea Under the Sun and uh it didn't matter you know some like Chad once said you know some of it
sticks some of it doesn't you know you just throw it out there and try right and we've learned a lot from that I feel
like you know over time things kind of evolved to just kind of match our personalities and like what the show is
always meant to be and there was no prep in for that right like you just have to go for it sometimes and that's just true
in life I feel like okay I agree and I I I'll say this guys I think some of the best shows I find like
are the ones you don't do what's crazy as it sounds a lot of prep you just sort of fly by the seat of your pants and it
just you know it happens naturally organically however you want to phrase it uh I think what you know what I love
about you guys and I think I speak for for others as well is there's there's no
phoniness there's a little stickiness there's a little comedy in there but that's also really you guys it's not you
you're not be being someone completely different uh on the air if you will I
think there are some cases where some shows Maybe Can't that hang their hat on
that peg into each their own right you know but I think people I think most
podcast listeners especially in the hobby space want someone who's genuine
passionate doesn't really want an actor if you will so uh you know we we watch
those folks on TVs and and in movie theaters so but you you came you know
you came at it with a funny aspect and you know I laugh out loud you know uh with some
of the bits that you guys uh do and and uh just you know Mutual admiration there
I know you you were very compliment but uh I feel the same way about you guys and uh just just like again some of the
things you you did that you know I don't want to say risky I mean this is you know we're talking about a podcast here
not a not a 10 million dollar uh film but you know they are like the other
people didn't do it or or either didn't think about it or maybe too tentative to
even uh go there and and you know you did uh a secret santa uh which is not
easy to do you did a you know a bulk sub uh in the in the grading space and uh
you you just never like sort of sat on your laurels and you know you know hats
off for for doing a lot of stuff that uh other people including myself uh
wouldn't even like attempt to do and now only attempt to do it but successful in
the process you know when you with three when we were three man's show how
difficult I knew a hobby hotline which is sort of a conglomerate show that's
once a week I'm not on it uh every week thankfully uh we have a rotation of
hosts but you know what you guys you were pretty I mean sometimes you know
someone was absent for for a good reason or or traveling or or work or what have you but doing a three-man show on a
regular basis talk about maybe some of the difficulties of that you made it
look easy I'm sure you made it look a lot easier than it actually was but I'll kind of talked to you know you got
different personalities maybe don't even agree on a certain topic the the you
know how does that all you know come together and and you make it look Flawless but I'm sure it's not as easy
as it looks so that definitely evolved with time and I think with many aspects of our show
much like your show right like you you had two separate shows and you break out into Quick hits and now you have card
bench as well and things evolved as you see need for improvement with time now
having three kind of from the start I mean Tim we joke that you came later but essentially you were there from the
start too and that worked because of the foundation that we had as friends and
also knowing that we could banter with each other and sometimes tell people that something's a stupid idea
and you still have that Foundation of friendship to know that the next day like hey I apologize for saying that or
that that was the wrong way to go let's let's take this a different direction so the communication I think was kind of
critical we had a text thread that would always go yeah always day and night I
mean for me I'm an early riser so 4am these guys get texts from me you know Ricky Tim you guys can be late night
people especially Ricky yeah um and so his text messages would come late but the communication was something
that we were always bouncing ideas off each other yeah and I would say just a smaller percentage of things actually
kind of stuck right to end up making podcasts and some of them better than
others and like you said earlier some of them we go back and look at and kind of scratch our head and we're like oh man
maybe be maybe that wasn't the right thing to do in the time but but you live and learn
yeah I mean the logistics were tough right I mean you got three different schedules for three professionals I mean you're talking two doctors and a lawyer
right and so like our free time was a premium um but uh we made it a big big commitment just to make it happen every
week we did not miss a week and that was pretty cool um you know like Chad hinted at I mean
three different personalities too right and so a lot of shows I feel like podcasts are afraid to do more than two
mics we always thought it was just natural having the three of us you know because I mean having that third voice
that third perspective like uh you know that two versus one Dynamic sometimes it was just really fun
um topic wise we were rotating um you know every third week to try to just you know hey you know Chad's gonna
produce this week so that we get less arguments about the topics you know uh Ricky would edit that same
week and then you know I'd be on social media and we'd just rotate and so that offloaded a lot of the responsibility so
instead of just like a solo show like yours I mean like we we counted on each other week to week and um I think that
was just a pretty unique Dynamic too you could probably tell who produced which episode on a given week because it was
just really obvious like you know sometimes I'm data driven Chad's you know kind of like the comedy like you
know cynic guy and then Ricky's just you know he could be talking about like the hamburger he was eating that week so
um yeah exactly so um it was pretty fun that way um he never got old we gave
each other all sorts of grief each week and uh it was genuine I mean like we just let it fly on air and I think that
was the fun part is um that was our stress belief for the for the week legitimately looked forward to recording and being with each other
and as adults at this stage of life that's pretty rare um you know to have that committed time
together I mean you asked anybody on our age range you know 30s to 40s like there's work there's life there's you
know your relationships um like to find and carve out an hour and a half each week it it was challenging for sure just
like you entered it but uh it was it was well worth it you know I mean just the stuff that we could talk about and a
hobby stuff changes like minute to minute so that's why our text thread was um you know by the end of when we needed
to record like things we talked about even just like 60 minutes ago sometimes became irrelevant right you know you
think back to like the Logan Paul Pokemon thing right by the time we wanted to record that episode it'd been
covered to death right so the fact that we were recording you know once a week that did make it challenging to try to
stay relevant at times um but you know so that's why we had to go to a different direction I felt like you know there's people with Far More
Time far more energy far more Devotion to like really hashing out the nitty-gritty
like doing internet detective work that wasn't us so we just have to have our funny takes on stuff and that's kind of
how the show uh you know uh really evolved I guess and that's one last
point to that which I think Tim nailed it is we don't necessarily know a lot
about a given subject and we never claim to Tim probably knows the most out of any of us card related but
I think the good like take-home message for anyone listening that I think applies to any aspect of life if you
have an idea about something try it and just because it's outside of the norm you know doesn't mean that it's wrong
and that's how things evolve and it's still not to say that we ever nailed exactly what we wanted to do so we'll be
the first one to tell you we don't think we did but you certainly have fun doing it and you can explore new avenues by
trying yeah yeah go ahead go ahead
see how hard three guys in the show is exactly yeah yeah and so that was the other key so zoom
zoom is very difficult with three people um I know one of the predominant card
podcasts does that but Zoom can be very difficult or any type of um virtual because there's that Split
Second lag and it may sound very trivial to people listening but as like even as
we try to go through it there's a slight delay in Catching someone's facial tone to know when they're truly done or not
so that that always made it entertaining we just tried to lean into it when it got super awkward early on
okay you know the other thing too you mentioned like trying stuff and then you
know after the fact uh you know that didn't go as well as maybe I I thought at least in my mind or on on paper I I
think we could all say that right and and not just in the hobby podcast space but just in the in the podcast space if
you you know what are we 200 something episodes into this show and you know if
I listen to the early episodes I cringe and I off I even say man if they really
weren't part of the archive I would probably delete them they're they're terrible I don't know how much better
they are now the 200 but I know they're a little bit better uh just in the fact of you know upgrading microphone and
different uh you know editing features and and different things like that but
um you know and and people are honest you know listeners are honest there were segments I did where people would say
hey I love the show John but you know here comes the butt which I I welcome because that's that's how we get better
this this new segment you you're doing I'm not a huge fan you get three four
five or more of those kind of like hey love the show but I don't like the new segment and you kind of know you know
all right we tried it uh not very popular not you know and you pivot and
you you take it out and you either replace it with something else or or you don't and you just leave it out and then
you try something else and and that works both ways too I've had people like hey I love that segment uh you know or
even add on to it like hey I love what you're doing but you know even adding on to it and um you know one of those
segments that I do on hobby quick hits is and I try not to overdo it but I try
to do what I do what's called like um you know hobby histories or lead Legends of the Hobby and I tried to you know
real quickly I don't want to you know overdo it 15 20 minutes and talk about
someone from who's no longer with us that's had an impact on on the hobby you
know because what a lot of new people coming in uh to the Hobby right they may not be familiar with these folks but and
and sometimes they may not even care quite frankly but maybe in given 15 minutes 20 minutes to hear about these
folks it'll it'll you know they'll they'll come to know him and kind of you
know where we might be here in 2023 uh but if it wasn't for certain things like
anything right the the bridges to the past we wouldn't be at this point and I'm I'm old so I I'm you know I was
around when some of those guys were alive uh so it's sort of me paying homage to them and when I started to do
those and I do them about once every six weeks that's why I say I don't know when I started to do that
I wasn't sure how that was gonna go right you know were people going to message me and like hey man I John
that's great but I don't really care about that dead guy like can we not you know not my favorite but the quite the
opposite happened you know I had I had kind of two responses people loved it and even people who knew who I was
talking about already you know people told me hey I know that person and the
way you presented it I didn't know certain things you you brought the light like it I it I learned even more I
thought I knew a lot about that person and now I know even more from listening to that episode so you know those kind
of things right you get that feedback positive and negative and you don't know some you know you do something you think
oh this is going to be great and people tell you I don't like it and then you do something like the example I
just gave with the the hobby Legends right you like you're thinking I don't know how this is going to go over and
people surprisingly say hey I no one's doing anything like that I appreciate it
uh and you and that you don't do it all the time so when it comes out I kind of
looking forward to learning about someone so it's those things people are are will tell you as you guys know right
people will tell you love it not not a fan uh some people are more polite in
some cases than others and that's okay it's I know you guys are the same way I've heard you say it on your show I say
it on this show let me know your feedback that's how we get better good or bad you know
um and uh so you guys are very much like that you're willing to take those risks uh too and I
think people appreciate that people know when that's going on I think most people do uh and you've done some some zany
stuff that's got me smirking or laughing or and even some cases hey why didn't I
think of that uh first so uh you know or in some cases like I'm kudos to these
guys because there's no way I could have pulled that off so you know but you know
all that stuff is is you know it's a feather in your cap for for for doing
that being different and uh you know that's why when uh I was sad when I'm
listening to that at that episode in in September and then heard that news like
kind of talk about that whatever you can share I know there's a you know Ricky's involved in that too and with respect to
him but did you kind of know was was when did you realize that this might be
the case you know we we the general public myself included found out in in
September right but sort of uh you know sort of the behind uh the Back to the
Future podcast on on VH1 when did internally sort of you know what I mean
that that you thought that this this this was a possibility we'll say it like
that I guess it was probably the bar fight to be honest um I knew when I had him in a sleeper
hold that things weren't going well um yeah no I think you know one thing that we have always done a really good
job of is not only just kind of talking cards but also making sure that we're
staying in touch with how people are doing you know in life and I think that there came a point when just lots of
things were building up um in life and with work and with podcasts
and responsibilities and we're like gosh should we take it a different direction or try and do more and you know that can
be really stressful and I think it started to become stressful for all of us and we joked you know if you go back
and listen throughout the years we'd kind of joked at different times like oh this week Tim's quitting the show and
he's done and he's Fed Up where this week Chad's so mad at the most minute thing that he's swearing off the show
forever um and you know it's us kind of living our lives too like giving a little peek
at you know the stressors in life that go on and so I think that just leading up to it that there wasn't a whole lot
it's just things come up and come to a head and at some point you got to look and say all right what's the most critical thing in life
for me right now that we got to focus on and you know Ricky was really good and said hey now I gotta take some time and
focus on some other things and still still love everyone out there and this
is just what I've got to do so it was kind of quick um to answer the question and anytime things end at least for me I
don't want to put words in Tim's mouth anytime things that are there that you feel either great passion for or you
have a really high sense of involvement or pride in and they end regardless of
the terms for it it's just hard yeah like those things are they're just hard
but for the circumstance at least for me um not to put words in his mouth but I
love the fact that he said hey here's what's going on and I respect him for it for saying that this just needs to take
a back seat because other things need to take priority in my life and so it needs to end so even though it's tough you got
to respect someone for saying that yeah because at the end of the day I mean um we do have plenty of other stuff
going on in the background right you know we are not I don't know would you say that we've
never really considered ourselves like content creators I think this was like a hobby projects
at the end of the day it was fun right right priorities definitely uh you know
went over um it was a challenge every week trying to figure out like our own work schedules just that alone right
yeah I've got families to balance um and so um yeah I mean just like Chad said I
mean we kind of joked oh well no I'm I'm ready to quit you know it's like I'm
sure like that plenty of times we've all kind of left unsaid and I was like I'm done right like but because it was a
dedication like we were dedicated to each other we were dedicated to the show um you power through some weeks where
you just really didn't have it and so you know I think it just kind of culminated in a more natural like
endpoint than once Ricky you know said that he needed to take a step back it just felt like a logical point to you
know just take a step back reevaluate see what's going on and we're really excited to see what's gonna you know
come out in the future we're not going anywhere we want to stay relevant in the hobby um so it's it's going to be
different right you know a two-man Show versus a three-man show is just different but um we got some stuff in
store so stay tuned yeah we're super excited for what's coming forward and have some good ideas to even you know
further evolve like we talked about before and make things a little bit better based off feedback that we heard
like hey what's what's the best way to listen to this podcast or to engage or have fun with it and Tim and I have gone
back to the brunch board if you will and did that a few months ago went back and had some more meals and wrote down some
notes and um Yeah Tim brings up a good point we we're super excited for for what we've
got coming um should be out now actually by by the time yeah so we're very very excited to
give it to you well we're glad you're back and and you know it's it's it's tough you know we
talk about an hour and a half show an hour show and you guys know I'm preaching to the choir here that's
what's the end result but it's there's a lot more that goes into an hour of of
content of hobby uh production you know that's that's what comes out of the
sausage machine uh but what went in it right is is two three maybe even more
hours of editing and just get you know uh research right you know it's more
than just turning the mic on uh you know you got your notes you want to get stuff uh factually correct as much as you as
you can um and and like you guys pointed out earlier right the Hobbies changing by
the minute it's a little calmer now oh truth be told but you know definitely during the Heyday right it was I mean it
was just a frantic pace you know you're talking about one story and there's
three new ones that people want to hear your opinion or your take on and they're like hey that's that was that was 20
minutes ago and there's three more stories that uh we're more focused on and so it's
tough and you know I always say It's a Grind it's a labor of love we don't love
it you gotta I always when someone who's about to start a show asks me and and
that does happen hey any advice John I'm like you got it you gotta have a passion
You Gotta Have Love a love for it if it you know people can tell when you don't
like that stuff kind of people can read uh between the lines and you know
someone asked me once like John how will you know like when you're done like doing the show if you
if that point ever comes and uh it's easy it won't be anyone else telling me
I stink it won't be me looking at a demographics report and being disappointed it's going to be when I
turn the mic on and it feels more like a task a chore a job uh and like I'm going
through the motions and I don't think that will ever happen but you know you never know and and if
it does I'm going to be honest and whether it's even a a full stop or hey I
gotta take a break I'll Never Say Never sort of like kind of you know uh you
know what you guys did and now back thankfully you know enough about me when
so you stopped in September when did you first you know probably the
break was good right you kind of decompress catch your breath um you know you don't have to worry
about that for a while what was that first week like when you you didn't record the first like the first week
when you would normally have an episode and yet here there was no pttf uh that
week what was that like I know for people who love the show they were disappointed but for you guys you know
that produced the show what what was that week from what you can recall like yeah okay I know that my wife is someone
who I'm going to be with forever because she listened to me complained so much about how there wasn't a pact to the
future episode that Saturday morning and she didn't say one negative word about it so that's how I do
um this is funny though the first week or two after that the break on Thursday nights
which is when we typically record that was nice you know Tim talked about time constraints so having that little break was great
until reality sets in at like oh we aren't recording anymore
and that camaraderie that we just had built into our schedule is gone yeah that sucked it felt like a three-way
breakup it sucked it did we did we talked about that we talked about being a breakup and you know I had reached out
to you Tim and I said hey why don't we just pick this up and go and you're like well let me just like
take some time let's regather thoughts and let's just see what happens and I
was so mad at that response for some reason I mean we all know like I clearly have any rational like sporadic little
anger that pops out on a moment's notice and it came out and I was um telling some of my wife and her
friends like I can't work with Tim if he's doing this and you know just clearly frustrated then the next morning
I wake up and text him and tell him I'm sorry he's like I don't know what you're talking about like oh I said things that I shouldn't have but
um that's that's how the first couple weeks were it was it was odd but we started talking about it really quickly
after that yeah I mean in any path of life right you can get to a point where you feel burnt out and I
think you know like it the edges were raw right um but you recharge pretty quickly and
you mentioned passion like we just we freaking love cards man like we love the Hobby and so to be away from that in
some way shape or form it it was hard and so you know I think ultimately that's what Drew us back too I mean it
just was natural it's like well you know we still have stuff coming in the mail we said we have stuff you know that we're looking for on eBay like you know
I'm still on Facebook scrolling through groups um you know I'm not razzing anymore but it's uh
that he'll tell us about but you know I still got stuff that you
know is legitimately coming in the mail on that like I'm making a list for to collect right you know working on like a
PSA set registry and you know that's you know still going on that stuff that's worth talking about and you know people
have experiences that are worth sharing and um you know I think uh you've always said the Hobbies about the people right
and um you know we're part of that um our community that was listening to our podcast was part of it you know they
were super sad that we went off the air and they're still super sad and they keep messaging us it's like you know hey
when are you guys coming back and uh you know and so um yeah we just really hope to have that
chance to have that passion again and to share it with other people you know the day that's all our podcast
was we were just shooting the breeze talking about cards you know so yeah and
I think that's why I loved it and a lot of other people did too when when you
knew you were you're coming back uh obviously you're keeping the name was there any consideration to being it was
sort of you know two people instead of three like hey let's change uh even
though it's it's it's popular and and we've made a name for some with the podcast name let's Rebrand or what did
that even was that even a thought you don't have to say you know named or whatever but was or did you know like
what this this is the show we're just we're just bringing it back John you asked better questions than me
inquiring to my patients where they're controlled substance prescription went
I'm impressed like Tim's got this light set up in our studio here and this thing feels like it's 10 times more magnified
than when we started these are good questions um in fact so good that I even forgot what where I was going with that oh yeah
my stars Tim I'm gonna pass that to you that's the benefit of having a two-person song oh we shot around a
couple names and they all got shot down real quick like we tried to play off the fact there were two doctors and we were like ah you
know doctor dog but you know then that loses the passion for the cards it's like nobody's gonna listen to the card podcast called doctor doc you know it's
like get off your high horse you know so and I will say this with with like communication with Ricky on the other
side of it too immediately after it wasn't so like there was no fight no breakup nothing like that it was like
Hey you know I gotta take this break you guys want to keep rolling keep doing it you know it's something we all kind of
created together in a way and so there was that consideration But ultimately we
decided let's keep her rolling yeah
there you go look at that yes look at that yeah and I think listen like you
said it was it it wasn't on bad terms like if it was you know if it was bad
terms or you know like the Van Halen situation where you you know David Lee
Roth got fired and then you know but they still kept the name too because they were well known but I I get it you
know I'm glad you know for for the two cents that it's worth for me like you know you built that brand up uh you know
you were two-thirds of that to begin with uh and uh it sounds like I don't
want to speak for him he's he's not on the screen with us but it sounds like Ricky was was signed off on that as well
that's always nice that it's a battle that you don't have to to fight or or or
lead into and I think it makes it I think it made that Pro I don't want to speak for you you guys are right here
probably made that decision probably actually a little bit easier that you you weren't necessarily worried you know
what that the other gentleman would you know in this case being Ricky would think about it or be upset or that sort
of thing he kind of gave it sounds like he gave his Blessing and that just made that that transition uh easier
yeah I hope so otherwise we're going to talk to our legal department which actually used to be Ricky
there are any attorneys out there who would like to join us we could definitely beat someone right
now that's funny well listen it's it's good that you're back let's let's talk a
little hobby uh so for those listen you guys are rolling again that's a good thing Back to the Future uh podcast uh
you know the hobby you I I know it's only been you know three four months but
really the hobby from you know where we're talking about new cycle changing in minutes uh it's still it's still a
busy hobby but the new cycle is not as hectic um if you ask me I mean you think
we're seeing prices sort of kind of come back to reality of reset if you will the
hobby is not dead contrary to what some people are out there you know would click bait banners it's it's it's alive
and well I'm a dealer I set up at shows believe me I see what I see uh it's just
prices have sort of kind of come down and and you know if you're in this hobby long enough you knew that was going to
happen uh like you can't be that surprised and then we see you know real world macronomics that's definitely a
factor as well do you think doing a show now compared to like during the Boom in
the crescendo you think is it'll be more difficult not you know easier or it just
it is what it is and you just go with the flow so we could have different answers on this do you have a thought I
think that's a great time just to get back to basics John you know I mean I think anybody out there who wants to get
back into the hobby this is a safe entry point again you know um you're not buying at the peak of
anything you're at I don't know I don't want to say it's like uh
a reset but it basically is right like I mean you're going back in the past a little bit um
and you know getting to enjoy the hobby for what it actually is I hope you know I mean you can actually grade cards
again semi-reasonably you can collect cards cheaply again um even like super unobtainable cards
you know like uh are within reach again like the bgs 8.5 Jordan rookie card the
other day I saw for what like 8 000 bucks I mean that's that's a fierce difference compared to two years ago so
yeah um you know stuff like that I mean there's uh new ways to you know collect
again and maybe even open a hobby box again and shoot you know which is kind of a big premise of like where we
started right I was getting together and doing that and so I think as far as content goes from that perspective
it's going to be perhaps a little bit easier because the flip Market the like
the looking at markets every day and see if cards are going up or down like yes that's something we would report on to
kind of know what cards we could buy but was never our thing like we never proclaimed to be experts in that field
and so now that that isn't as prominent and prices are so much more reasonable
than they were two years ago you could go back and buy some of those cards like Tim said ones that you just want to
collect and have fun with that are so much more reasonably priced than before and that for us you know each time we
buy a card it kind of gets the wheels turning about okay how could we create that into content and make it fun and
enjoyable so I think it's going to make that perspective um much easier and a bit more fun too
yeah I I wholeheartedly agree you know Tim makes a great point there were cards that were out of your reach that are now
back in your reach right and to me that's going to bring you know a whole
segment of the hobby kind of back into into view I think sometimes when your
your target list or your hit list or want list whatever you want to call it uh when when 75 percent of that is
really unobtainable it's it's disheartening and and it can cause probably some people to like you know
what I'm I'm the car the stuff I want I can't afford I'm probably going to exit
stage left right and some of those folks are going to come back and if they didn't leave uh some of those things on
that list are now able to be crossed off and and obtained and um so sure you know
as a dealer you know and I'm I'm one but uh I as crazy as it sounds I'm glad you
know sure did I have to reprice and put some new stickers uh on some of the show
inventory sure but I also bought uh some stuff that I wouldn't been able to so
it's it's a it's a two-way street you gotta look at it like that and and you
know I I I did a show where I talked about that line where you know dealers you know as a dealer you know I'll never
really try to ask for over comps I just won't put the card out and I'll just it'll go in the PC but I'm not you know
I'm not a guy that watched the the you know people you know everyone's got
their phone out it's it's not rocket science and so uh it's to me it's like
you got as a dealer you got to decide I want to sell it for what the Market's going for or it's I'm not gonna you know
put it out there and see someone or just be blatantly uh overpriced you know at
that point just uh keep it but I think initially you saw that I know you guys go to shows and you in stores and stuff
I think initially you know dealers were holding out for as long as as long as
they could and but I think now reality sort of uh settling in and again Tim
brought up a great point you know cards that were were out of your reach you're
now back in it and considerably so and many that you probably didn't expect uh
even uh that Jordan uh rookie being a a prime example but but even others so I
think that's a good thing when when more people can enjoy the Hobby and obtain
cards that they that create that enjoyment uh that passion I think that's
a good thing and if that means I have to sell a few of those kind of cards uh less than initially priced then that's
that is what it is that's that comes with the territory and you know it's I always say this guys and I know you'll
agree you know the prices are more Performance Based right if the guy is playing well uh you know or the athlete
I don't want to say you know The Athlete's playing well uh the card's most likely going to go up you know
right now Joe burrow cards are going up and and for expected reasons and that's
it's always been that that way we just have more analytics now I'm not real I'm
old school I don't know about you guys I'm more old school uh than looking at charts and graphs and you know if I
wanted to do that every day I I would have got my broker license and went to
Wall Street I know it's it's got its place in the Hobby and I'm not you know it's just not my it's not my forte uh
I'm a guy that watches sports that's a sports fan and that's sort of my charts
in in analytics was was box scores and and watching so uh you know your
thoughts kind of on on everything there that I just threw at you
well I think to one point um at least over the past couple of
years so much of player price wasn't necessarily on performance you know long term and Hall of Famers and people had
retired sure that would be the case but still some of the prices for prospects
whether it was a baseball Prospect yes or just the rookies were so absurd compared to even the highest value card
of Hall of Famers and out pricing them and you know there's plenty of those examples that are out there and even
that people highlight on social media but still like wrapping my head around that concept just based off potential
was so backwards to me and for some people it worked out great you know I
tried to dabble in that we'd poke fun of that at the show when I tried to do that with guys on my team like Drew lock and
Jerry Judy and she's like oh my gosh what in the world was I doing like just light my money on fire and make a scene out of it but I think that that has
started to cool a little bit at least what we see at our local card shop and occasionally when we stop by shows that
we don't see as much of hype driving the price which for me is an enjoyable way
to collect and stay away from right so so that's been kind of nice
um in that regard yeah um I was talking about how
um you know the PSA 10 hype uh things got crazy expensive for PSA 10s right and so
especially for cards you really wanted I was always really happy about owning gem bank cards right because you know I'm a
perfectionist a little bit that way um but uh the prices got so out of hand for
the cars that I wanted John that like I actually got I don't want to say depressed but it was definitely a hobby funk for I saw a half
year I was like I can't chase after these cards anymore so I had to basically reinvent you know my identity
as a as an obvious you know I actually shifted into being okay with PSA nines I
mean oh my gosh right like the car's still better than a pebbled card but um you know the value of the cost value
ratio was just so much better and uh yeah you know so there there's good things that came out of what people
perceive as a bad stretch and a hobby I mean but this is as good a time as any to you know kind of reevaluate and see
what you want to do so I like that with the reboot of the show
do you think it'll change how you guys hobby or you guys just that with the experience you have under your belt you
think like I I know what what I want to do like creating content won't really
change my mindset I don't think so for me because
I think a lot of what we discuss and talk about comes organically from what we enjoy we have that experience and
then we try to tailor it into content that would also be relevant for the time
frame so I I'm not convinced that it would change because of that oh people
want the stories right like they want the authentic stories they want to like live part of the hobby through you and
so we don't go actively seeking for content if that makes sense like we talk about what we're actually doing like you
know that should be the the like the spring from which everything flows I feel like you know I mean because
otherwise what are we doing like it then it's not a hobby production and some of the things that
may have seen more content driven like whether it was the group submission or doing a secret Santa where Ricky and I
racing each other to see who gets to open up a box of cards first or you know playing pranks at who's going to the
card shop without the other person like all those things would still happen and still do happen whether the show's there or not and because it's fun right it
takes us outside of any stressors that we may have during our our day lives and
brings this enjoyment and camaraderie there and so that's gonna happen regardless of the show so we figure why
not put it on the show and let other people enjoy it just like Tim said yeah yeah no that's I I figured that's what
you're going to say but I thought it would be a kind of a a good question to ask and and get your your feedback uh on
it we got uh you know every day we're one day closer uh back to the national
uh it's in Chicago again this year I know uh last year Atlantic City a little
a little further away great than Chicago for you guys um you know and
you know I don't know if it's a secret or whatnot but uh are you planning are you both playing into attend uh uh the
national in Chicago here in July yeah 100 I'm short of booking the flight
so far I mean the hotels are plugged you know we have tickets and packages uh we're saving up our little pennies for
Penny sleeves and hopefully cars to put them in yeah it's gonna be a good show I think
um prices should be reasonable it'll be good to see people that we didn't you know get a chance to hook up with last
link up with that's a good day
it's a family show yeah
what do we call our uh you know hobby dating site that we were going to create binders that was one of those bad ideas
no yeah it's gonna be a fun show we're excited I mean Chicago should really I feel like just be
main show I mean it's just such a central location but I get it I mean so much of the original hobby you guys are
just all on the East Coast so I mean I understand that in the show out there but um yeah AC is like a whole whole day
Journey there and back for us so that just ended up not happening yeah I'm a fairness guy I get it I like
you know even though I'm an East Coast guy uh I'd like to see California or the West Coast whether that be Seattle or
pick you know pick a city also Get It In fairness to those I would I would still
try to go or probably uh go just the same and uh you know I'd like to see it
rotate a little more but uh like you just said Tim I think Chicago sort of the the fairest you know right in right
in the center and so uh you know if you live right near Chicago it's and it's in
your backyard that's that's great but even whether you're coming from east or west coast it's sort of splitting the
difference if you will and uh so I get it and Chicago's always been you know
when you hear people talk about the national that you know Chicago's always spoken of uh finally the show in the
venue in this in the city so I I don't mind but I always try to think of
everyone and I I would like to see a West Coast National again and they've done it before it wouldn't
be the first time there have been been many moons though but I would try to
travel and go and support you know the show The Hobby uh and and have fun just
the same and I've never been that far west so it gave me a reason uh to to do
it so uh Dallas States wise Dallas is about as far west as as I've been I've
been there like I don't have the map in front of me I've been to like Belize and Rotan and Costa Rica so I don't know
where that falls on the on the west uh scale but the states wise Dallas is
about as West as I've been so I like to I'd like to change that well you know
with a West Coast National maybe not every year guys but you know I think In fairness In fairness you know Seattle I
think would be uh you know again I don't know the conventions their uh halls
there or you know hotels are are obviously a priority but Seattle's a big
city from what I'm aware of I think it could be done there you know I'd love to see it uh you know somewhere uh where
those folks on the west coast maybe have to travel a little bit less than there than they're used to it you know In
fairness to those folks so we would even even then even even
Denver air it's a huge it's a great City you know from from people who I know that have
been there I like to see a couple new cities get it uh just uh you know
because right now it's sort of on that four City really three and and the rumor
is it's not coming back to Atlantic City so right now it's from Chicago and
Cleveland I mean I kind of finish up with if you could pick you know where would you like to see the national
um I mean Vegas has been really popular for their own little uh you know shoot off
show now Dallas well I'm not like crazy about but you know they're doing their quarterly show monthly show Almost now
right like so I think there's other cities and venues um Southern California may not be a bad option right somewhere where you are
pretty certain you're going to get nice weather yeah um so that you know you can convince loved ones or your family to to go along
with you and they can go do their thing yeah and still have perhaps international airport nearby so you can
accommodate everyone to get there and I think southern California would be great I tell you what you could do it
here in Salt Lake City um it's great out here now it gets to about a high of 20 our air quality is
poor we have no water yeah and there's uh no major sports teams besides the Jazz so it's awesome yeah John you
should come out here sometime it'd be great well listen I love the travel so it doesn't take much to talk me into it
but you know I'm proud of you even a van that just like has candy spray painted on the side again so I'm pretty easy to
uh to convince but no I I I think you know Vegas they're kind of doing some of
the shows the mint Collective so uh you know I love like like you said Chad
Southern California uh Anaheim they've done them there uh before uh actually
the the 91 which I I didn't go I'm I'm new to the National for as long as I've
been in the hobby uh was my first one was uh what 2018 or 20 uh 2017 whichever
one the Chicago one was and but that 91 yeah that 91 Anaheim is is most that it
went or the the powers that be will tell you that was the number one attended
show the you know the record-breaking show and when you think about the Hobby in 91 it's surprising that that's held
up uh compared to the Hobby now but that's that's what they say and uh you know Dr Beckett has said that uh as well
and he's he's been to everyone so I'm gonna I'm gonna take him uh at his word and uh so you know I think it's proved
you know California's kind of proven that they can they can host a a show and
yeah be more money and More Travel for me but you know every once in a while it's it's only fair right to to see the
the West Coast get one and uh you know but they do that and they got to bring
it back to the east coast I know that the Atlantic City's sort of been ruled out but uh maybe another city maybe
Charlotte or you know somewhere on the East Coast even Florida maybe somewhere
in Florida you know so you gotta be careful John yeah
it's about as far as I can go as trustwise well we'll we'll see they got we got you
know as you know there's some new people running uh and charging in National we'll see what uh new wrinkles uh that
may bring to the event itself and maybe uh to the location but uh guys I I thank
you for making time I'm glad you guys are back I know I speak uh for a lot of
other folks uh as well listen forward to uh uh hearing you guys on the airwaves
again uh give out all that stuff all the socials websites whatever you need to
share to get up to get everyone up to speed take your time whoever wants to do it or both the uh uh go go right ahead
all right well John to finish up that point about travel if you're ever out in Salt Lake or you want to come to Salt
Lake I've got entire basement the nice bar ready to podcast in you are always welcome to stay in it there you go be
thank you um but yeah we are starting up season two of Back to the Future podcast we are
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site that you're You're Building all joking aside guys uh sincerely from me
welcome back uh you know I know a lot of other people like I said feel the same
way and uh I'm sure it'll be like you you never you never miss the beat and uh
glad to have you back continued success as well likewise man yeah thank you John yeah
thanks for having us on