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Dec. 6, 2021

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.90 Candy as collectibles?

Hobby Quick Hits Ep.90 Candy as collectibles?

Can candy be collected? I think so. The Red Grange candy bar in 1926 started it all but many superstars since have gotten their own edible collectibles, but is keeping them intact a viable option. The Reggie Bar started it for me but it was the...

Can candy be collected? I think so. The Red Grange candy bar in 1926 started it all but many superstars since have gotten their own edible collectibles, but is keeping them intact a viable option. The Reggie Bar started it for me but it was the Pacific Griffey bar that sealed the deal.

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<span;>11:57 PM

<span;>Alright, welcome to another episode of hobby quick hits. Today's episode titled, chocolate Collectibles now. Full disclosure. We're going to talk about some candy, that's not chocolate, but they are all athletes male or female that appear on either candy bars or candy, Confections. Okay. What led to this episode? Well, I have an affinity for the 1989 Pacific. Ken. Griffey jr. Candy bar. I'll tell you a little bit about that back story, and then we'll get into some of the other collectible candy or sugar, confectionery. Whatever you want to call them. When I kind of wanted to put this show together. So before we get to that, let's let's hear from Mojo. Brake are great sponsor. They're doing big things in California, and across the world, Dan and Doug, do a great job of providing product and breaks to people all over the place and happy to have them part of the show. So let's let's hear about them and I will be back to talk about some sweets. Hey folks, wanted to tell you about the best place to get some of your Shields sports car, wax products, great selection. And some of the lowest prices on the web.

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<span;>Going places with my grandfather's raised by my grandparents. I did see my dad on a regular basis. It's a long story. Probably not for hobby content, but raised by my grandparents and I wouldn't change a thing. Truthfully. It had a wonderful upbringing but, you know, loved going on those trips with my grandfather wherever he was going and we would stop in. You know, it's New York Mets, Brooklyn. We'd stop in the Store and pick up a few things. And, you know, be truth. Be told when I was a young kid. I was a big truck with mean, frankly. I'm still a big chocolate fing Fein, but I've just been better about not eating as much. So, you know, New York City at the time, as a little kid. I was a Yankee fan that error, you know, months and who had just passed away, Nanos Randolph, and of course, mr. October Reggie Jackson, well,

<span;>We will go to these Corners stores. I'd always go right to the candy out, right? We're okay. And I saw this Reggie Jackson bottle Square bar. Actually wasn't sure what it was. I just knew had Reggie's picture, you know, in full swing on the front rapper and found out. It was chocolate, two of my favorite things in one, one item, right, candy bar, and, and Reggie. And so I got these and You know, eight quite. Bit of them and you know, didn't keep anything closed or if save any rappers. I just wanted the, you know, something believe like crisp rice chocolate almost like Nestle if my memory serves me, right but a quite a bit of them. All right, and that was about 1978 not the first candy bar made of an athlete ever, but the first one that I ever realized at that point in my life Flash Forward. 1989. I am now 17, but I'm also crazy as it sounds of Veteran show dealer doing alot of setups that shows and the like was a big minor league fan and other words. I had over at that point at age 17, you know besides doing shows and have a lot of cards that had over 1,000 minor-league sets and, you know was would follow guys in their minor league career. Bye.

<span;>Finally sets of that guys appeared in that. I felt. We're going to make it big in the big leagues and a guy obviously, followed be the number one. Pick was Ken, Griffey Junior. Quite a buzz as most people would imagine around them. He was you know, almost a household name. For being a young kid himself. We were really about the same same age. He was a year or two older than me, I believe. And so You know, started to follow him, had some of the early minor-league sets including the Bellingham, the first my do you set and then I you know, the candy bar came out and what was what I thought was cool about the candy bar till this day. I still think it's cool. It was a rookie candy bar and, you know, a lot of times when a player and athlete gets a candy or candy bar you

<span;>It's once they've already established themselves as probably a Hall of Famer and whatever sport to read or Bonafide Superstar. This was a case where Pacific yeah that pacific the card company said hey, you know, they are Northwest comp company. Griffey was going to be a Northwest star. If he made it big and they great move by Pacific to you know, get a deal in place with Griffey to make these Ken Griffey Junior. In a sense, rookie candy bars. And I believe there was eight chocolate molds. The stats were on the inside rapper, the rappers them. The outside rappers were either blue or yellow and they were designed to look like cards. And and if to this day you you'll see a lot of people have graded, those rappers. Those are, they can be graded and some people have graded them. I try to keep the

<span;>Bars and Tack. Yeah, even all this time. You know, what are we at? 32 years later? I got about at this time. About 20 Co candy bars, in varying conditions. But many of these things look like they do or dead just like in 1989. So, but let's go back. So Pacific, you know, made these candy bars before, we're for you really establish themself and that was sort of risky. I guess not really and he was very popular player. Lot of buzz. You know, I ate someone else. Oh sold. A lot of these. I bought these by the box. I had them on my tables at the show and I would sell these things. I'm trying to remember what I sold them for the time, two or three bucks a piece. I think they cost me about 75 cents a piece at the time. If my memory serves me correctly and you know at the time I didn't put any away. I was just

<span;>Selling them everyone's wow, when I had a fix for chocolate. I literally, you know, open one up and eat it. Myself, right? Didn't want to eat all my profits but every once awhile treated myself. And so I don't know how many boxes of these is, I sold, but whatever. I when I was set up, whether it be a show or flea market, always had a pretty fresh box and most, you know, nine times out of ten at the end of the show that box. This was was gone or pretty close. To it. A lot of times if there was just a couple left that would be my reward to eat and you know, had two teeth to prove it. But so, you know may not made a pretty good profit on it. I wound up, you know, then they kind of became a little bit harder to get I wound up. Putting a couple away of each rep or 1 blue 1. Yellow put it in a box kind of forgot about it and years later. I was kind of just organizing my My stuff and I pulled out a box and out actually the Box tipped over a little bit and it was, It was kind of weird. Both of these candy bars. Just kind of flew out, you know, kind of came out, slid out. And I completely forgot about them. And this is, I would say about 2013. So this is 24 years after the fact and, you know, brought back all those memories and then I just said, you know what?

<span;>What are these? Can you still get these things? Are people selling them to people? Save them. My curiosity was piqued. So, you know, what are you doing? A lot of people do, right? Had to eat Bay and you search, you know, Ken Griffey jr. Pacific candy bar and a lot of these candy bars came up and a lot of rappers came up and ungraded was I was kind of surprised and you know, the attack candy bars, there was more than in there are now I'll just

<span;>That. And many of them were going for between four and eight bucks, 10 bucks. So I thought that was pretty cool. But I really didn't think much about it. Just had the two candy bars, you know, reorganize my stuff, put them away and kind of re forgot about them. Again. I wanted to keep them sort of out of sight, just out of the sunlight and out of the Heat. And so I just kind of put them away and forgot about them. And then again in 2016 about three years. Slater, I pulled them out going through stuff and I said, you know, what's been a few years. Let me check again on eBay, see what where these things are. And if you know, and so on this time, when I kind of checked on them on the secondary Market, I noticed there were a lot less intact candy bars available. Now there were still available. I don't want to make it sound. Like there were none, but there was a lot less and a lot more rappers. There was a lot more rappers meeting.

<span;>Of either threw away the chocolate part because it was, you know, not good anymore. Stay out bad or kind of damage, you know, they did the matter of fact into I had wouldn't fit in like a K2 cases. You get from tops with the like the Montgomery sets which is what I'm keep the ones that have and now that are in nice shape, the to I had wouldn't fit in those type cases. I actually just put them in like team bags, too. To just keep them in that and that sort of thing. So I'm not touching the wrappers all the time. And so, in 2016, I kind of followed up and said, hey what? You know and noticing there's a lot less intact ones and a lot more rappers and I just, I don't know, just how my mind works, you know, I said, you know, I'm going to try to buy as many intact once the whole candy bar, as I can and see how many I can get. You know, this, my mind was just telling me like

<span;>Going to be less and less of these people throw them away. They're going to be 30 years old shortly, there the chocolates, no good. They get out of shape, depending on where you keep them. If if the elements or direct sunlight hits them and so there's going to be a lot less of these intact bars than ever as time goes on and and probably more rappers because maybe people will just throw away the inner stuff and keep the outside.

<span;>12:10 AM
<span;>I'd collected. And so I said, you know what? I just challenge myself. Let me see how many of these I can purchase intact. And so I start buying them anywhere from about five or six bucks, a piece, 28 bucks a piece. I tried to buy them in quantities as much as I could, you know, if someone has three, four five of them, but many people only had one or two and the shipping had to be right or really wasn't worth it and couple times, you know, people on eBay. Of them as intact candy bar and when I got the, the package probably I think of to occasion it was just a rapper. So they missed sort of worded their their auction contacted and got a refund and sent them the rapper's back. So I didn't get candy bars. So at one point I got about 20 of these and you know, the last couple shows I did, you know flash-forward they go anywhere now from

<span;>Tween, I've seen them as high as thirty dollars. I don't know if they're selling for that. You can price anything, you know, what to, you know, eight to ten dollars. And I sold a couple at the show. Anywhere between actually show. I sold about 8 to 10 if the combination of two shows in two months from about for about 12, to 15 bucks, and then I recently bought a bunch more off of me. EBay truth. Be told and surprisingly the ones that I got and I got more common that at the time of this recording, I don't have yet, but the recent batch I got in really look like they did. Like they like, we went back to 1989 when I first got them, quite I'm going to be honest with you. I almost thought they were counterfeit like, but you know, who's going to counterfeit 1989, chocolate bar. I guess anything's possible, but in looking at them, they're The Real McCoy.

<span;>They're just really in pristine shape where they do fit in those tops, sort of two-part cases that get stuff from tops. You're familiar with. So I put stop putting them in there, the ones that would fit in there and I'm trying to stack them. You know, when I say stack of mean, I'm going to try to buy as many of these as I can. I know maybe by putting this out there. I'm create more of a market or condition potentially. I know when I posted it on social media a lot. Lot of people, you know, sort of respond. They didn't even either. They didn't even know they existed. Or they had forgotten about them all these years, like most people, and I kind of brought him back to the Forefront, if you will, so, I'm probably going to compete against more people. Trying to buy some of these intact bars, but that's okay. I'm up to about 20, and I got a another about eight on their way and hopefully, you know, and some more here, narrator with one or two at a time. Maybe put one or two out.

<span;>The showcases that shows see what they go for, but kind of a fun little collectible. And so when I was thinking about doing the show about these candy bars, I said, let's do a show. I don't want to talk to us about the Griffey, the Reggie bar. Let's kind of go through and talk about other athletes that have been on candy or candy bars, you know, someone wanted to complete the whole set, right? The rainbow not the Skittles. Rainbow but the rainbow of candy Collectibles and so I did a little research. I'm going to try to give you everything. I found in the year that these things were produced. One of the first candy bars ever produced to reflect an athlete, was the Galloping ghosts Red? Grange 1926. The Grange bar, 5 sets, good luck finding that one intact.

<span;>You know, someone might have one somewhere hiding. I didn't even look at eBay for one. But who knows, right? The next one I could find was Babe Ruth. Not Baby Ruth. The candy bar not from Goonies, very roof. Not that Baby Ruth. Terrible impression. There was a Babe, Ruth bar. I believe in the 30s. Also, was it called the Home Run, candy bar, and had a picture babe on the rap. Upper and those went 45. It's back in the day. Then the next one. I there was a sort of, I didn't see anything between that and then the Reggie bar and 78 and then the Griffey in 89, and then a bunch on. There was a Muhammad Ali bar in 1978. I think they didn't make a ton of them, but it does exist Muhammad Ali 1978 candy bar in 1990, boo. Boomer Esiason trying to do these by year. I might miss, I might miss one. Also, in the 90s. There was a Cal Ripken bar. There was a big hurt Frank, Thomas candy bar as well. Randall Cunningham, Eagles, quarterback, got a candy bar as well. Isaiah Thomas in the early 90s, got his own candy bar, Mark Price, Cleveland Cavaliers. Shooter had the Mark Price bar. The Moose bar. Mike mussina had a candy bar. Believe a lot of that went to charity then Shack. He had a bar called the mr. Big bar, but had a picture of Shack on it. Oh, I'm not sure. You know, what year? But Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals, huge goal scorer I had a candy bar called mr. Big deal. Mario. Andretti, the race car driver had a Bard. I was exclusive to Kmart. Only Doug Gilmour, former hockey player 2009 Dale, Earnhardt jr. The race car driver. Obviously, 2007. See, who else? Joe Flacco had Gummy Bears, the Joe Flacco gummy bears in 2012 and Maria Sharapova, the very nice look. Tennis player also had Gummy Bears. The same Years flakoll, 2012 Carmelo, Anthony. Our local guy here. From Syracuse had to come right along. Anthony Bar. Not the Carmela bar to come reloj Anthony Bar in 2004. Let's see, what else. I came up with, probably one of the Lesser known players to have a candy bars, a little surprise 2007, little scat running back, Fred smooth, remember him, Vikings Redskins, he had a bar called the thanks Mac bar. What the french Smoot? Smack bar. That was 2007. Oh, let's backtrack a little bit, 1997 the chipper bar. Yeah Chipper Jones had a candy bar as well. So I think that was all I could come up with someone else told me there was a weight bogs bar. I did not find anything pertaining to that. You know, there may be some

<span;>You know, food issues too, and I only stuck to Candy, there's tons of cereals Flutie flakes. The Steelers have done numeracy cereals. With they are superstars Juju. I Believe been at one time, Hines. Ward had a Serial. There's been a lot of cereals and Wheaties boxes with athletes on it. So I stuck to just sort of confectionery releases. So either candy or Candy bars, so I tried to get everything. I might have missed a few. I did my best. What may well have to do an update to this episode with what people tell me. Hey, you forgot this candy bar, or this candy barred. I try to get them all good, almost 30 of them here between candy bars and gummy bears. So, you know, it makes an interesting, you know, as a collector, right? I'm sort of stacking these

<span;>Griffey, Junior bars. I might have to look about getting the Reggie bar just for the sentimental reality of it, right? Just to bring back memories. But what if I was to take this list, I have that I'm reading off of, for the show of all these candy bars are gummy bear, you know, endorse athlete and doors products, and you try to get one of everyone, right? You kind of have the candy run rainbow collection. Just I thought about it. I don't know. I don't know how. The left of these are might might take the list and just one day when I got about an hour to kill to see how many of these if I was to do that or anyone else was to do that. How hard would this be? So if if it's something that you'd the candy bar challenge, we'll call it. If you're going to do it or if I might try it. Let me know and let me know your progress. But, you know, hey, Kandi can be collectible to write doesn't have to Cardboard or Chrome? Well, thanks for spending some time with us and happy quick. It's hope you're doing well. We'll see you in a week. Thanks for listening and happy candy hunting. All right, thank you for listening to another episode of hobby quick. It's want to give out our social media, starting with our website, which is www.hyken.com Nation, podcast.com Facebook. You can follow us at At facebook.com forward. Slash fourth Carnation podcast forward slash Twitter. We are at sports card Nat T1. So it's sports card and ATI one Instagram at sports coordination podcast, or you can email the show hobby quick hits at gmail.com. Again. Thanks for listening. We'll see you next week.

<span;>I don't see you. Good afternoon, good evening, and good night. </span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;></span;>